Bathroom Art | 10 Important Elements

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bathroom art


Your bathroom should be an enchanting space, rather than simply utilitarian space. Make each morning and evening more beautiful by adding special art pieces.

Pick bathroom art that can withstand humidity and water splashes for optimal wall hangings. Experiment with layers of different-sized prints, overlapping slightly for an attractive composition.

Reflective Surface

Bathroom art can add character and make it feel more like home, while serving as a visual reminder to take some time for self-reflection and relaxation each day.

Your space dictates whether one large artwork makes a bold statement or multiple smaller prints are displayed together, and layering and overlapping artworks creates more dynamic compositions.

As bathrooms can often become steamy and humid environments, select bathroom art that is suitable for humidity-resistant spaces like bathrooms. Photographs, prints and sealed artwork work best as these pieces are the most moisture resistant; stretched canvas posters may become vulnerable to mildew; instead opt for aluminum prints which not only resist humidity but are easy to maintain as they’re water repellant; in addition they’re scratch and abrasion-resistant too!

Bathroom Art | 10 Important Elements


Though most bathroom art can be safely displayed, to extend its longevity it’s wise to select humidity-resistant prints for long-term enjoyment. Moisture and steam can damage water-based paintings without adequate protection.

Humidity-resistant prints are typically constructed from long-term materials that will not degrade with age, such as canvas, wood, or metal.

Bathroom art themes often focus on tranquil landscapes, nature scenes or calm blue skies and waters. Watercolor flowers or houseplants can also make for lovely decorations in the bathroom; Belarusian artist Inna Petrashkevich uses this approach by drawing and painting one new flower every day of the year in her rural homestead she does this so that her quiet beauty remains captured!

Humorous text-based art adds a playful spark of personality, while inspirational quotes or sayings uphold or uplift. For an elegant effect, try grouping smaller framed artworks together in an arrangement resembling jewel-box packaging and let them overlap one another this creates an overlapping jewel box effect!


Bathroom wall art can help add personal flair and create an invigorating ambiance that sets the scene for each new day. Choose from serene landscapes or scenic prints for inspiration. Create an atmosphere conducive to restful sleeping with subtle designs that set an exciting scene or add whimsical polka dots for an unexpected pop.

Bathroom art can make for an appealing addition to any design, from relaxing ocean watercolors and hand-colored lithographs to vibrant desert photography. Plant prints offer the perfect dose of botanicals while simple figurative works or nude paintings provide an appropriate atmosphere in which to undress.

Cartoonish text-based art adds a lively and welcoming ambience to this often neglected room, creating an inviting ambience and creating lasting impressions for visitors. When hanging canvas prints near showerheads, beware that excessive moisture may damage them over time and limit how long their vibrant colours last.

Focal Point

Art is an expressive decorative element that can bring any room together including your bathroom! Artwork provides the opportunity to show your creative flare and tasteful design aesthetic through design.

Some styles of bathroom art make an excellent addition to spaces, including picturesque landscapes, peaceful nature prints or soothing blue sky and water paintings. Also consider including global or cultural influences in your selection such as Moroccan tile designs, Indian textiles or African tribal art for an exciting and visually stimulating atmosphere in your bathroom.

Large bathroom canvas art can make a striking statement piece. An expansive picture hung over a bathtub or sink can really make an impactful statement in such an intimate room; or consider hanging up small-scale art as part of a gallery wall to display your decorative taste in this small space.

Mix & Match

Although it may seem counterintuitive, mixing and matching different prints can actually add visual interest and enhance any space. A textured painting or wall hanging complemented by geometric prints creates visual balance and offers more visual interest than trying to match them by themselves.

Botanical prints or floral illustrations can bring life and warmth to any bathroom art, be it from Belarusian artist Inna Petrashkevich’s watercolor or British artist Alison Watt’s abstract coral linocut, floral art is often ideal due to its organic feel.

If you have plenty of wall space, try creating a gallery-style display. This can be particularly effective in small bathrooms as it helps create depth and dimension. Or make an eye-catching statement by selecting artwork that occupy most of the wall space this will immediately become a focal point.

Bathroom Art | 10 Important Elements

Texture & Pattern

Vibrant colors bring energy and excitement while more subdued hues promote relaxation and calm. By including textural elements like plush towels, sleek wood fixtures, or patterned tiles into the bathroom design scheme, an aesthetic that exudes luxury can be created.

Texture plays a pivotal role in setting the atmosphere in any space and should be carefully considered when selecting bathroom art. Lighter colors enhance smooth surfaces for an appealing, classic aesthetic and bring light into spaces for a bright, airy atmosphere.

To create an ambiance reminiscent of spa-like bath, select bathroom art featuring nature-themed prints or paintings such as those by Belarusian watercolorist Inna Petrashkevich’s flowers and plants for maximum relaxation in any bathroom space. A large panoramic painting over the tub or small floral prints placed above sink can transform it into your very own sanctuary.

Eclectic & Bohemian

No matter your style of bathroom art, it can add an elegant or rustic charm. Black-and-white photography works beautifully in most settings while prints in ornate frames also add great aesthetic appeal.

If your bathroom leans towards the eclectic, find works with bold colors and expressive forms that bring energy and life to the room. Watercolors that evoke tranquillity or landscapes featuring natural imagery with soothing tones make great bathroom art additions.

Bathroom art that reflect your unique personality are also great additions, such as comical quotes or whimsical illustrations. Hang them just opposite the bathroom mirror to create a striking focal point it’s an easy and engaging way to make this space truly feel special and make every visit feel more personal!


Artwork adds an air of sophistication and polish to a bathroom, but paper-based limited edition prints or documents (and some canvas works) may attract mold spores that thrive in moist environments like bathrooms. Hanging them there could prove dangerous.

Unframed prints offer a more casual aesthetic while remaining just as visually attractive. Metal prints in particular can withstand humidity as they don’t need glass and are made with moisture-wicking materials that protect them.

For those not wanting a full gallery wall in their bathroom, framed prints can make for a wonderful accent particularly those featuring nature. Floral silhouettes, coral linocuts or portraits of reclining figures all can add an relaxing vibe that enhances bath time experience.

Mix & Match Colors

No matter if it’s just one print or an entire gallery wall, art is an easy and fun way to bring color and personality to any bathroom. When selecting bold or bright hues in walls or tiles, use neutrals as frames around these hues for balance and visual interest.

If the idea of a gallery wall appeals to you but full-on set is out of reach, group photos and artwork that represent your personal style on a dresser or console instead. Concert tickets, pennants or vintage signs make great bathroom art pieces too!

Landscape paintings, hand-colored lithographs of sandy beaches or botanical prints all contribute to creating a relaxing space in which to rejuvenate. For an idyllic spa-like ambience, landscape oil paintings or scenic art create the ideal atmosphere.

bathroom art

Incorporate Nature

Integrating nature-inspired bathroom art can create a relaxing and tranquil space. From cascading water features to organic wood and stone elements, nature-inspired bathrooms offer the ideal way to unwind.

To create an organic atmosphere, opt for warm neutral hues like beiges and taupes, accented by matt black elements like tiles or brassware for contrast and grounding.

Introduce landscape paintings or floral prints into your bathroom art for an organic and relaxing atmosphere, or opt for abstract watercolor artwork with delicate hues and gentle strokes to evoke peace and serenity. Or if you love greenery, bring some into the bathroom environment with houseplants that thrive even in moist and humid environments or add an immersive waterfall showerhead which mimics the sounds of falling water for an immersive experience!

Can I Use Regular Artwork in My Bathroom?

Yes, you can use regular artwork in your bathroom. Make sure the pieces are properly sealed to protect them from moisture. Consider adding a dehumidifier or proper ventilation to prevent damage and enjoy your artwork.

What Lighting Works Best for Bathroom Art?

When considering lighting for artwork, opt for LED lights with a color temperature of 2700K-3000K for a warm glow that enhances the colors and details. Avoid harsh fluorescent lighting that can distort the artwork.

Is It Safe to Hang Art Near the Shower?

Yes, it is safe to hang art near the shower as long as you use proper materials like moisture-resistant frames and glass. Make sure to secure it well to prevent accidents. Enjoy your art!

How Can I Prevent Humidity Damage on Art?

To prevent humidity damage on art, ensure proper ventilation in the room. Use a dehumidifier to maintain optimal moisture levels. Avoid hanging art directly above sources of moisture, like showers. Regularly inspect and clean artwork to prevent mold growth.

Are There Specific Colors That Work Best in Bathrooms?

When choosing colors for your bathroom, opt for mildew-resistant paints in shades like light blues, soft greens, or neutral tones. These colors not only withstand humidity but also create a calming atmosphere in your space.


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