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boho bedroom decor

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Boho bedroom decorating ideas allow you to bring a free-spirited vibe into your room with fringe, natural textures, and whimsical accents like colorful embroidered pillows or macrame wall tapestries that add exotic beauty.

Bohemian decor lends itself perfectly to plants, from lush monstera leaves to tall fiddle-leaf figs. Make use of their green hue to bring depth and texture into any room by placing them atop nightstands or in planters.

Embrace neutrals

Neutral hues provide an inviting space, allowing more unusual boho-style items to stand out against them. Soft creams and warm browns pair beautifully with greenery and mementos while sheer voiles, linen drapes, and calico curtains create an airy aesthetic.

Mix plush shaggy and flatweave rugs to add texture and visual interest underfoot, then layer them with brightly-colored, patterned rugs for a boho bedroom that exudes self-expression.

Opt for ceilings made of natural wood planks reminiscent of bamboo forests, while switching out standard lighting fixtures with more decorative fixtures that emit soft, flattering glow and free up bedside table space. Consider opting for chandeliers featuring beaded, woven or rattan shades to give off soft illumination as well as beaded, woven, or rattan styles which feature beaded, woven or rattan beading; opting for these chandeliers could provide eye-catching displays of fairy lights; alternatively use Polaroid pictures combined with string lights to design something truly original!

Boho Bedroom Decor | 10 Amazing Ideas

Add a pop of color

Nothing says boho quite as loudly as vibrant, patterned bedding. Opt for quilts and duvet covers featuring intricate embroideries or floral patterns and layer it up with matching throw pillows and bean bags for an undone aesthetic. Tuck away tightly tucked sheets for an imperfect appearance.

Integrating vibrant elements is essential when creating a boho bedroom decor, yet keeping things subtle and sophisticated by sticking with one element like this primary suite’s ginkgo leaf pattern that coordinates well with its woven furniture and artwork.

Bold prints are an integral component of boho style, and you can incorporate them in nearly every room of the home. From your rugs, curtains and pillows even those you may use as throws to wall decor such as hanging woven plate compositions over headboards or using them to showcase frames Polaroid photos, bold prints are a signature element.

Add texture

Pillows are an integral component of boho bedrooms, adding color, texture, and an eclectic style to the space. Look out for pillows featuring tassels, embroidery designs or other unique features to bring out their bohemian aesthetic.

Bohemian bedrooms benefit greatly from having low bed frames paired with woven benches that serve as storage for blankets and pillows, plus some natural elements, like wooden baskets for sentimental trinkets, that provide boho decor its charming appeal.

Decorated plants can add a playful and inviting atmosphere to a boho bedroom, and tie the room together beautifully. Use tropical and leaf-shaped plants for an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that’s ideal for meditation or Sunday naps; additionally, plants also add greenery essential for bohemian decor.

Keep it simple

Boho decor centers on natural materials in soft neutral tones. But it’s the details that truly set off a boho bedroom such as adding texture with woven accents like the rattan nightstands in this bedroom or adding earthy elements with an unfinished wooden headboard – that make it stand out.

Patterned bedspreads can add color and pattern to any space, while keeping other bedding simple so that the pattern takes centre stage.

Exotic accents also pair perfectly with the boho aesthetic, like in this jungle-style bedroom created by Design Drunk. Consider tall monstera or fiddle-leaf fig plants to bring some greenery into your bedroom space, then finish off the look with a tufted rattan chair and wall-hung baskets to complete it all.

Add a little whimsy

Create the ideal bohemian atmosphere by adding a touch of free-spirited style with handmade or artisanal candlesticks and holders in various shapes, sizes, and colors crafted by local artisans. Display them on a tabletop or suspend them off the sides of your bed for an eclectic aesthetic.

Patterned pillows and blankets with tassels are iconic elements of boho decor, adding vibrant pops of color to any room they inhabit. Here, a Suzani needlework pillow and botanical artwork complement an otherwise straightforward boho blanket draped artfully across the headboard.

Rattan benches can quickly add an element of fun and excitement to a boho bedroom decor. Use it as a place to sit and read, or add throw pillows for chic accents. Vary the rug sizes for visual interest: layer smaller ones over larger ones or juxtapose them side-by-side so as to give your boho bedroom an authentic lived-in feeling.

Boho Bedroom Decor | 10 Amazing Ideas

Make it sophisticated

Add elegant elements to boho bedroom decor to give it a chic finish, particularly by hanging sheer curtains over a double rod to soften and divide space while providing privacy without diluting its natural charm.

Freestanding mirrors add an attractive element to any boho bedroom decor with their distinct designs. Look for options featuring ornate frames made from natural wood, aged metal, or other exotic materials to make a unique statement in the space.

Boho bedding is all about celebrating color, so don’t be intimidated to choose vibrant hues such as bold pink or bright lemon. Combine them with neutrals and lush foliage for an eye-catching aesthetic.

Go eclectic

Bohemian style rooms are all about celebrating individual style. From curating an eclectic gallery wall of macrame wall hangings and dream catchers to going all-out with dreamcatchers, boho decor gives you permission to express your creative side freely.

Boho bedroom decor is defined by vibrant colors and patterns, so mixing and matching pillows, rugs, blankets, etc. to add personality is one great way to do just that. Layered patterned runners or throw blankets that match with the main rug are especially great ways of accomplishing this look.

Dark paint or patterned wallpaper add depth and visual interest to a bohemian room, such as this carved wood Moroccan-style room divider and Moroccan wedding blanket layered over a tufted king bed that feature eye-catching floral patterns. Live plants are an integral component of boho bedroom spaces as they bring color, are eco-friendly, and help promote relaxation and stress relief.

Go bold

Bedrooms should be places of comfort and serenity; however, they also present an opportunity to get creative with boho decor. Consider repurposing furniture to serve an alternative purpose like this rattan headboard that also serves as an eye-catching piece of artwork.

An eye-catching rug is another easy way to inject boho style into any space. Consider an abstract pattern with visual appeal; layer other textures overtop it for an eclectic bedroom space that feels cozy yet chic.

Pillows are essential when creating a boho aesthetic in any bedroom. Opt for colorful throw pillows featuring embroidery designs, bold stripes, or other playful patterns for maximum impact in creating this style of room and add pieces such as this framed animal painting for a cohesive finish!

Use rattan

Rattan furniture exudes boho chic. From bedspreads and headboards, to arm chairs and tables crafted of this versatile material, rattan adds airiness and vibrancy to any room it adorns.

Rattan furniture like this wicker bench serves as a versatile and stylish accent piece. Perfect for stashing away throw pillows and blankets, or artistically displaying framed photos.

Mandalas are an easy way to add colorful and worldly designs into your boho bedroom decor. Wear one as a tapestry over your bed or incorporate them into wall decor like this eye-catching design they work beautifully with anything from wooden frames to sleek gray nightstands!

boho bedroom decor

Add a bench

Boho bedrooms require relaxed seating. A bench provides the ideal place for this. When creating this look, layer woven poufs or benches at the foot of your bed with floor pillows, throws, and chic bedding; add textures linens with tassels as an added element – an element which defines this style perfectly!

Rattan dressers make an elegant centerpiece in any boho bedroom, adding both texture and flair. Pair it with earth-tone ceramics and jute rugs to give your decor an authentic bohemian aesthetic.

Wall decor is another key component of boho bedroom decor, including dream catchers and other hanging items like woven headboards. Renters may wish to hang lightweight pieces that won’t damage walls using command strips or bamboo screens; beautiful lighting is essential, so look for lamps with unique shapes or materials such as natural materials such as rattan chandeliers and pendants as ideal options.

Can I Incorporate Modern Furniture in a Boho Bedroom Decor?

Yes, you can definitely incorporate modern furniture in a boho bedroom decor. Mixing modern pieces with bohemian decor can create a unique and eclectic look. Consider blending sleek lines with natural textures and vibrant colors for a stylish space.

How Can I Create a Boho Bedroom Decor in a Small Space?

To create a boho bedroom decor in a small space, mix textures with rugs and throw blankets, hang tapestries for a cozy atmosphere, use plants for a natural touch, and opt for low furniture to maximize space.

Is There a Way to Make a Boho Bedroom Decor Feel More Minimalist?

To make a boho bedroom feel more minimalist, declutter your space by focusing on essential decor pieces. Opt for neutral colors, clean lines, and incorporate natural elements like plants for a balanced look that combines boho charm with simplicity.

What Lighting Fixtures Work Best in a Boho Bedroom Decor?

For a boho bedroom decor ambiance, opt for whimsical string lights to create a cozy, dreamy atmosphere. Consider incorporating unique floor lamps or colorful pendant lights to infuse a touch of eclectic charm into your space.

Are There Any Tips for Incorporating Vintage Pieces Into a Boho Bedroom Decor?

When incorporating vintage pieces into a boho bedroom decor, focus on mixing textures, patterns, and colors for a cohesive look. Embrace uniqueness and layer items like rugs, textiles, and furniture to create a personalized and eclectic space.


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