Industrial Bathroom Design | 10 Important Elements

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Adopting raw design elements such as exposed brick walls or metal pipework can make an impressive statement, yet when used subtly they can bring intrigue and give your bathroom a contemporary edge.

Metal accents like a steel-framed mirror or brass faucets can add an industrial feel. Black fixtures create striking contrast and pair beautifully with concrete or wooden flooring.

Concrete Elegance

Concrete walls make an eye-catching statement while seamlessly fitting into industrial bathroom design styles. Real or faux material alike, concrete’s raw yet sophisticated surface can be enhanced further with metal hardware or vintage decor to complete its look.

Concrete finish wallpapers offer an easier way to achieve the same effect without breaking the bank, with subtle textures that come in an array of styles to match any bathroom design scheme.

Black can help create the look and feel of an industrial-inspired bathroom, as can neutral tones that veer towards grey, brushed metal fixtures and frames in different shades, muted accent colors like olive green that hint at industrial machinery or oxidized metals, adding depth and contrast to an otherwise monochromatic color scheme.

Industrial Bathroom Design | 10 Important Elements

Industrial Wall Panels

Industrial bathroom decor often incorporates an edge. Dark hues can help achieve this look, while black and white create striking contrast that stands out. Add these colors to floors, vanities, showers and more for an industrial twist!

Wood adds warmth and elegance to industrial bathrooms, whether displayed as shelves with towels and spare toilet rolls on them or added as rustic-looking vanity units. A wooden bench in a glass-walled shower works nicely to soften exposed brickwork or black pipes while adding comforting aesthetic.

Industrial bathrooms often lean toward minimalism, yet larger spaces allow for bold elements. Caged lighting is one such bold accent piece that elevates an otherwise conventional tub or pedestal sink you’ll find these lights in pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts and flush mount options; for an updated touch pair them with brush brass fittings!

Industrial Elements

Industrial design’s raw and rugged materials lend themselves well to bathroom decor, from exposed pipes to repurposed furniture. However, adding sleek modern elements like freestanding tubs or large frameless mirrors can help maintain a balance between beauty and utility.

Exposed brick or concrete walls add authenticity and depth to industrial bathrooms, creating an air of authenticity and depth that sets off other features like simple white subway tile flooring with a trough-style sink to make an eye-catching centerpiece.

To maintain an elegant and refined aesthetic, opt for a shower enclosure featuring glass doors or open designs instead of curtains. This allows exposed pipes and clean lines of a shower surround to be appreciated more freely. For an additional modern touch, matte-finished faucets and hardware such as gunmetal, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black hues accentuates industrial aesthetic.

Subway Tiles

Industrial design has long favored exposed brick walls as the centerpiece of any project, while subway tiles have quickly become another go-to choice. More flexible than exposed brick, subway tiles offer greater adaptability you can lay them vertically or horizontally for different looks; and with its latest trend of herringbone patterns adding extra dimension of interest.

Darker shades of grey (or even black) flooring is often chosen in industrial-inspired bathrooms as the basis of their overall design aesthetic. Not only can it bring together this aesthetic, but it can also serve as the perfect background to showcase other materials with strength.

Caged lighting is an effective way to add an industrial aesthetic into the bathroom. These fixtures evoke memories of laboratory equipment while having a retro appeal; you can find wall sconces and ceiling lights with caged lamp shades in many styles.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick walls create the feel of an industrial warehouse bathroom. Paired with distressed metal to complete its raw design aesthetic, organic materials such as wooden flooring or an unpolished block-style vanity counter can enhance this industrial aesthetic even further.

Weathered wood vanities, shelves or accessories add rustic charm and warmth to an industrial bathroom, creating a more pleasing balance than steel and concrete fixtures alone can provide.

Indoor plants are a trendy way to add some vibrancy and color to an industrial bathroom, and especially succulents, leafy ferns, and tropical orchids can bring extra vibrancy when placed among neutral hues of grays, browns, and blacks that characterize this design style. Plants can help bring out their full character in this room while still creating an elegant atmosphere despite the rough-and-tumble vintage style of an industrial bathroom design style.

Industrial Bathroom Design | 10 Important Elements


Industrial style requires an adequately lit bathroom. Utilizing natural light allows subtle details to shine, as well as emphasizing the different textures found within this design scheme. Windows are classic fixtures of this look; however, dimmers can also create an inviting bathing environment. Black fixtures add drama against brick and concrete surfaces, pairing well with metal-framed mirrors, black vanity hardware or caged sconces.

Weathered wood fits seamlessly with an industrial aesthetic. By including it in vanities, shelving or accent pieces it adds rustic charm that softens the visual impact of exposed pipes or concrete walls in industrial bathrooms.


Industrial bathrooms feature concrete walls and exposed piping that add an authentic charm and character. Furthermore, these design elements can be further enhanced with accessories like metal towel bars or holders from this genre.

Reclaimed wood makes an elegant addition to industrial bathroom decor, providing natural texture and warmth while being used as vanity, shelving or accent wall features.

Porcelain tiles reminiscent of concrete or metal finishes are another fantastic choice for industrial-themed bathroom design. Not only are these water-resistant porcelain tiles highly durable and attractive to look at; their stunning appearance also elevates the overall style of the room.

Shower Partitions

One of the easiest ways to introduce industrial style into your bathroom is with shower partitions. Available in various metals, they provide an instant way to add dimension. Copper pipes add interest while acting as an anchor point between cosy bath, old-school toilet and crisp white basin sink.

Powder-coated steel shower partitions are a popular choice due to its wide array of colours. Enamel painted steel over a honeycomb paper core may also work but has the potential for rusting when exposed to high humidity levels.

Natural materials like reclaimed wood can also be incorporated into industrial bathrooms as vanities, shelves and accent pieces. Their warm tones add coziness and can make any space feel more welcoming; their rawness contrasts well with distressed metal or exposed brick walls for an added element of rawness and intrigue.

Metal Hardware

Industrial bathroom decor marries raw materials with sleek and modern elements for a relaxed luxury aesthetic. A white freestanding tub, large frameless mirror and plenty of natural lighting are essential components to creating this atmosphere.

Integrating metal hardware into your bathroom to elevate its aesthetic. Metal towel racks, robe hooks and shelving add both flair and practicality, enhancing existing features like plumbing fixtures or exposed brick surfaces in the space.

By including weathered wood features in vanities, shelving and accents to your bathroom design, you’ll add warmth and texture. Rustic wood can even act as a striking accent for shower enclosures like in this bathroom from Becca Interiors softening its rough and rugged aesthetic that comes with industrial design while black fixtures can serve as striking features that further elevate this industrial bathroom style.

industrial bathroom

Subdued Colours

Subtle elements can add depth and visual interest to an industrial bathroom, creating depth and visual depth with minimal design elements. Accent colors such as olive green or navy blue bring a sense of rugged sophistication that works beautifully when used for tile, fixtures or other decor items.

Dark wooden flooring and other organic materials serve to soften the raw appearance of concrete walls and reclaimed brick in an industrial bathroom. Rustic wooden accents such as wooden vanities or wall-mounted shelves add rustic charm when combined with metallic hardware and lighting fixtures for an eye-catching effect.

Minimalist geometric shapes add an eye-catching accent to an industrial bathroom, making the space standout. Look for fixtures in the shape of spheres, cubes, or cylinders to bring this aesthetic into your space they pair especially well when combined with simple lines and neutral color palette.

Can Industrial Bathrooms Incorporate Natural Elements Like Wood?

Yes, industrial bathrooms can definitely incorporate natural elements like wood. Mixing metal fixtures with wooden accents can create a stylish contrast. Consider adding a wooden vanity, shelving, or even a statement wooden wall.

Are There Ways to Soften the Harshness of Industrial Design?

To soften the harshness of industrial design, you can add elements like soft textiles, warm lighting, and natural materials. Incorporate plants, rugs, and wooden accents to create a more inviting and comfortable space while maintaining the industrial aesthetic.

How Can Lighting Be Optimized in an Industrial Bathroom?

To optimize lighting in a bathroom, place light sources strategically to reduce shadows, consider task lighting for specific areas, and use dimmers for adjustable brightness. Incorporate mirrors to reflect light and create a more spacious feel.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Add Pops of Color?

To add pops of color, consider vibrant towels, colorful artwork, or a bold shower curtain. Mix in bright accessories like soap dispensers or plants. These elements can easily inject personality and energy into your space.

Is It Possible to Blend Industrial Style With a More Traditional Look?

Yes, it’s possible to blend industrial style with a more traditional look. Consider incorporating elements like exposed brick or metal accents in a classic space. Mixing textures and finishes will create a unique and balanced design.


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