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rugs in bedroom

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Rugs in bedroom not only add style and warmth, they can also protect feet from cold floors, prevent tripping hazards and protect furniture from scuff marks. So when shopping for a rug for your bedroom, size matters!

For an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical look that works with nightstands, opt for a 5 x 8 or 6 x 9 rug of 5 feet by 8 feet or 6 feet width. Additionally, smaller runners or 3×5 rugs could be placed either side of your bed for additional symmetry.

4 Best Rugs In Bedrooms


Your bedroom should be your place for rest and relaxation, which means adding an area rugs in bedroom can instantly bring comforting warmth and softness underfoot while helping define the room’s focal point and reduce trip hazards. But finding the appropriate rug size may prove challenging.

As a rule of thumb, bedroom area rugs should extend 18-24 inches past both the foot and sides of your bed for comfortable walking around it and reduced tripping hazards – also providing soft landing for feet when awakening in the morning!

Dependent upon your personal taste, rugs can either adorn the perimeter of the bed or run longways across the room. Both options work effectively; just ensure that there’s sufficient coverage for all four feet on the rug.

Considerations should also include whether or not you prefer solid or pattern-woven surfaces and what materials interest you. Wool rugs are known for their soft texture and natural insulation properties, while silk or viscose add luxurious sheen that adds subtle shimmer to a room. Synthetic fibers offer practical and budget-friendly alternatives that come in various styles that complement any decor style.

4 Best Rugs In Bedrooms

If your bedroom is large, it is important to remember that area rugs may be placed partially – or completely – under beds in these spaces. While this placement option is less popular, it can create an inviting look and feel within the space. However, a larger rug may not be the best way to make your bedroom appear larger.

Alternatively, when using a twin-sized bedroom rug in a larger space, try positioning it perpendicular to the bed so you have more room around its sides and mattress. This arrangement also looks great when the focal point of your room is a pair of matching nightstands or dressers.


Rugs add character, warmth, and aesthetic appeal to a bedroom while protecting floors from scuffs and your feet from cold hardwood surfaces. When selecting an appropriate rug size for your bedroom, take into account both its overall dimensions as well as the size of your bed – not too big nor too small is best; placement should create an symmetrical appearance while creating the impression of larger space.

Lindsey recommends choosing a 6′ x 9′ rug or larger for rooms containing full-size beds. If you want a look where everything nightstands, chest of drawers, bench at the foot of bed all sit on one area rug, she suggests around 5’x7′ rug will do. This will leave enough space on all sides for people to comfortably land when getting up in the mornings.

If your space is limited, runner rugs may be an ideal way to envelop a full-size bed and its furnishings within an area rug. “I prefer large runners as this gives a layer of softness underfoot while still delineating seating areas within bedrooms,” according to one interior designer.

Lindsey suggests placing an 8×10 foot rug or larger beneath queen beds so the occupants can step off of them without touching cold floors when getting up from sleep. “I always use larger rugs under queen beds so occupants can access them easily without stepping directly on to cold floors,” she explains.

Many homeowners opt to place everything from their headboard and nightstands onto an area rug, but this can be problematic in certain spaces. Kristina Phillips of Ridgewood, New Jersey-based Kristina Phillips Design Firm notes that when placing a large area rug under a queen-sized bed she often positions it so only two-thirds of its frame sit on it for better floor coverage around its sides.

4 Best Rugs In Bedrooms


The queen bed is the preferred bedroom rug size, as it provides ample room underneath and around it. Furthermore, it works especially well if there’s lots of furniture in your space that requires tying together. When selecting the appropriate queen bed rug size, think about how much floor area needs covering along with design of room make sure you account for doorways or walkways you don’t wish for covered by rug. Furthermore, material choice plays an integral part try to strike a balance between comfort, durability, and maintenance!

As a rule of thumb, opt for a rug that measures five feet wide by eight feet long; this should fit most standard queen beds comfortably. If your space is tighter than average, opt for something smaller such as 5’x 7′; just be careful not to buy too small of an area rug as this could look cramped and appear unbalanced.

If you have a queen bed with two nightstands, selecting a rug that extends past 8′ can help create a symmetrical appearance by wrapping around both nightstands. In this way, your rug won’t lie directly beneath them for more symmetrical coverage and an attractive aesthetic.

Keep 18-24 inches of floor space visible around each foot and side of your queen bed visible, creating a nice frame while creating soft landings for feet, eliminating tripping hazards, and adding texture. Or try placing runners along each side for an alternative modern look with ample floor space left open to walk around freely – though keep in mind this arrangement requires more frequent cleaning! For optimal cleanliness in any bedroom setting choose a woven rug which can easily be vacuumed without trapping dirt and hair like shag rugs do.


A typical bedroom configuration involves a king bed, so for this configuration the ideal area rug size would be at least an 8-by-10-foot area rug. This provides plenty of room to step out of bed without bumping your toe on anything when getting up, while reaching to reach nightstand ends if they exist in your bedroom space. An added foot at the foot of your bed adds texture to the space as well.

Rug shape should also be taken into consideration, particularly if you plan on framing your bed with rugs or have an unusual floor plan. A circular rug affixed under half of your mattress works well, while arch-shaped or oval-shaped rugs at the foot of your bed provide comforting swathes of color underfoot – whatever shape or form they take! Overall, remember that whatever rug shape or style you select should make you feel cozy as soon as you place your feet upon it when waking up in the morning!

rugs in bedroom

Nothing beats stepping onto a cold, hard floor upon awakening in the morning! A soft and cozy rug not only adds beauty and comfort, but can also insulate floors and minimize sound levels.

As it covers more floor space, king beds require larger area rugs than queen beds. An 8ft x 10ft rug should serve as minimum size; larger bedrooms might benefit from adding an 12ft x 15ft rug that leaves three-foot-wide strips either side of your bed – leaving an eye-catching accent piece in any bedroom!

Keep this in mind when purchasing rugs in bedroom: make sure it can support all of the pieces including any benches or ottomans at the foot of the bed, giving it maximum style flexibility. If this doesn’t work for you, try opting for smaller rug at the head of bed or opt for runner instead.

Can Rugs in Bedroom Help With Soundproofing or Reducing Noise?

Yes, rugs in bedroom can absorb sound and reduce noise levels. They provide a layer that helps dampen sound vibrations, making your space quieter and more peaceful. Consider using rugs for soundproofing benefits.

Are There Any Specific Design Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing Rugs in Bedroom With Hardwood Floors?

When choosing rugs in bedroom with hardwood floors, consider factors like size, color, texture, and pattern. Ensure the rug complements the room’s decor, provides comfort underfoot, and adds warmth to the space.

How Can I Prevent My Bedroom Rug From Sliding or Moving Around on Carpeted Floors?

To prevent your rugs in bedroom from sliding on carpeted floors, try using rug grippers or double-sided tape underneath. These simple solutions will keep your rug in place and prevent any unwanted movement, ensuring a safer and more secure setup.

Are There Any Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Options Available for Bedroom Rugs?

When looking for eco-friendly or sustainable options for rugs in bedroom, consider materials like bamboo, jute, or recycled fibers. These choices are not only stylish but also better for the environment, making your space more eco-conscious.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Incorporate Multiple Rugs in Bedroom for Added Style and Comfort?

To add style and comfort with multiple rugs in bedroom, layer different sizes and textures. Place a large rug as the base and layer smaller ones on top. Mix and match colors and patterns for a cozy, stylish look.


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