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Modern boho living room

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Modern boho living room ideas include various structures, colours and exotic or eclectic patterns. Neutrals offer a suitable canvas to present vibrant throw pillows and coverings that include character and bring out the boho visual.

Use natural materials such as wood to set the ambience in your bohemian living room, pairing these components with many houseplants and a unique, inspired wall surface style for maximum impact.

8 Modern Boho Living Room Ideas:

Bohemian Rugs

An informal rug offers the structure of boho-inspired living room decor. Select one including natural colours and an unstructured style; bohemian designing requires much more kicked-back style designs.

Layer carpets to add additional shade and texture to the floor. For instance, focusing on one smaller-sized rug straight atop an additional one will certainly create visual balance while still showcasing their styles.

A contemporary bohemian living room features feminine touches with its rattan accent chair, exotic wall surface art, and various other elements like throw cushions, woven carpet and house plants that develop an inviting space.


Modern boho design often incorporates patterns right into its visuals. Utilizing wallpaper and an appealing layout is another way to elevate the room. Striped wallpaper evokes timeless geometric lines while even more eclectic patterns encapsulate boho feelings.

A woven carpet can assist you in attaining a modern boho appearance. Search for designs, including different stack elevations and layouts with appearances that enhance bohemian visuals. In addition, find throw pillows, coverings and wall tapestries with similar elements to make the room cosier.

Acing the modern boho aesthetic can be simple when shade is considered. Take this moody basement lounge as an example: its mix of midcentury furniture with vibrant accent colours creates an excellent balance that feels fresh and imaginative.

3. Textured Throw Pillows

An appealing patterned area rug sets the state of mind for this boho living room, which functions as distinct wall art, home plants, and fascinating accents around reduced seating areas.

Textured throw cushions add an engaging and fanciful element to the boho style, from their spirited patterns and colours, tassels, woven products, and various pile elevations to highlight numerous styles. Here a textured woven toss cushion and tasseled covering are shown atop boho living-room furniture as they enhance vibrantly carpets in this example.

Modern bohemian layout counts on vibrant patterns and shade clashing for its signature aesthetic, so be bold in your selections. Take this eclectic living room as an example – its dynamic mix includes stripes on the ceiling, candy-striped patterns on the carpet, and even an appealing flower print on its couch!

4. Wood-Framed Couch.

Those curious about modern boho design must watch for accent pieces that combine their area, such as this vintage blue rug that sets the scene for this living room style with its wood-framed sofa, colourful fabric throw cushions, and several houseplants.

To achieve an authentic modern boho inside, look for a couch with a natural wood frame when selecting a couch. This piece blends in well with the natural colours of cacti and tall indoor trees to develop a quickly eye-catching, stylish, and welcoming aesthetic.

Add books in vibrant colours, global-inspired sculptures and pretty houseplants to your shelving to accomplish the modern boho interior design. Or display screen flower holders or artwork depicting nature or exotic scenes to further the result.

5. Vintage Leather Footrest.

Highlight the imaginative feelings of modern boho living rooms by consisting of international touches in your interior design system. Global accents include aesthetic beauty showcasing this pattern’s creative spirit and an unexpected measurement.

An antique leather ottoman adds boho elegant charm to this home while merging its decor plan with its neutral hue and textural material.
Include texture and depth in your living room with textured carpets with various stacks like those in this chic boho living space.

They assist in highlighting all the tassels, throw coverings and one-of-a-kind wall art in this elegant boho living room.

6. Plants

Houseplants are an essential element of the modern boho style and including house plants can do wonders to elevate its design. Blog owner Angelle Marix’s living room attributes lively cacti that bring all-natural texture into her room.

When upgrading her open-idea living area, she used Whipped paint, brand-new accent pieces, cosy pampas turf and split rugs to freshen her open principal living area.

In this diverse bohemian living room, a woven rug is the basis for pattern throw cushions, an attractive woven wall area and vivid houseplants. Layering numerous appearances, such as yarns and weaves alike, to accomplish that boho panache is key to capturing its exotic feel.

7. Vintage Blue Rug.

Boho elegant living rooms feature a woven rug as the centrepiece, including raised thread and varied stack heights, which bring appearances like a tasselled toss: pillows and plush blankets into play. In addition, its textural pattern echoes throughout wall surfaces art pieces, such as special wall surface hangings or tapestries strung throughout the wall surfaces.

Wicker ottomans make superb accent chairs in boho spaces. For example, for seating and storage while preserving laid-back appeal with its round shapes and neutral colours. 

When integrated with neutral colours, appearance throws cushion setups, house plants, organic artwork and exotic toss pillows.

8. Macrame

Macrame accent walls are an easy and timeless means to bring bohemian charm into a living room. Coming from the 1700s, this art form is returning thanks to artisans’ teams on Instagram that incorporate old-world artistry with contemporary aesthetic appeals.

Bohemian chic living-room ideas come alive when making use of vibrant southwestern colours. Throw cushions, a relaxing leather ottoman, and big plants include life and personality to this inviting and dynamic room layout idea.

This diverse Bohemian elegant living room showcases a remarkable example of boho style with texture. The woven carpet’s raised thread and differed stack elevation showcase different patterns and styles, which in turn inspire other structures within the room, such as tasseled pillows and plush throw blankets.

These 8 elements can help you to design your modern boho living room. We hope you find something from this article to design your living room. Thankyou!

Modern boho living room
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