Stunning Accent Wall Bedroom | 10 Key Essential Elements

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Accent Wall Bedroom

Bed Room

When it comes to creating an accent wall bedroom, there are seemingly limitless possibilities. From paint or wallpaper applications, to any number of other materials – an accent wall can make an eye-catching statement and bring together various aspects of your room design.

Painted accent walls can quickly transform any bedroom, even if they don’t cover all four walls. With just a splash of vibrant paint, an accent wall can instantly change its atmosphere and set the scene for creativity in any space.

Stunning Accent Wall Bedroom | 10 Key Essential Elements

1. Choose the Ideal Wall

An accent wall allows you to add color or pattern without completely reconfiguring your sleeping area. The key to successful accent wall design is picking a wall to focus on either one that lies behind your bed, or any nearby one.

Paint is an elegant option for accent walls in any bedroom, while wallpaper offers texture and dimension. Choose a mural that expresses who you are or try something calming like an elegant green floral print for something soothing and serene.

If you want your room to feel larger, try painting an accent wall in a dark hue that draws the eye up and creates the impression that it is expansive. Black accent walls work particularly well in small rooms as they add depth and definition; adding built-ins or shelving units provides the necessary natural stops for such colors.

2. Paint

Be bold when it comes to color choices! A splash of colour can bring life and visual interest to a room while still matching its overall scheme – blues are particularly popular accent colors in bedrooms as they evoke feelings of calm while working well with neutral tones.

As a general guideline, choose colors that enhance the main focal points in a room, such as fireplaces or built-in bookcases. Coffered ceilings also create stunning focal points.

If you need assistance choosing a color, your local True Value hardware store offers Certified Color Experts who can guide you. When starting to paint, use painter’s tape on all trim and walls near it as protection from drips and splatters.

3. Textured Panels

Textured panels make for an eye-catching accent wall design element. From faux wood paneling or reclaimed wooden planks, textured panels exude rustic charm.

Add an elegant contemporary flair with geometric shapes like triangles, hexagons or chevrons in bold contrasting colors for a striking design feature that is especially popular behind bed frames or in living rooms. This modern touch can also serve to hide unsightly cable management systems.

Add texture to your accent wall with fabric upholstery for an easy way to adapt it to various decor styles and adapt as your taste changes. This flexible solution works seamlessly across decor genres.

Stunning Accent Wall Bedroom | 10 Key Essential Elements

4. Accent Wallpaper

If you prefer wallpaper but do not wish to commit to papering all four walls, an accent wall bedroom could be just what’s needed to give that signature look. Options range from large-scale floral murals to peel-and-stick wall art featuring geometric shapes or tree branches; keep the rest of the room neutral so as to showcase this statement piece!

Be sure to choose a wall that’s completely devoid of obstructions such as windows, archways or built-in cabinets when selecting the ideal spot to install wallpaper on. This will enable you to align the pattern perfectly and ensure your work looks professional and neat. If you’re nervous about DIY wallpaper installation, start small in an entryway or powder room until your confidence builds up – then take on all the rooms in your home with some creativity and patience!

5. Wall Molding

An accent wall bedroom can provide a creative opportunity to add texture and pattern to your decor. While wallpaper may be one option, paint offers various finishes and patterns for you to make an unforgettable statement piece.

If you admire wild printed wallpaper in magazines but are hesitant to go all-in on its use in your home, try dabbling in bold hues by painting one accent wall bedroom in an eye-catching hue. Your bedroom provides the ideal place for such experiments because its less visible nature allows for less risky experimentation with color than other living spaces of your house.

Add depth and dimension to your bedroom by installing wall molding in matching or contrasting colors. Before installation, using a template to determine desired measurements will prevent frames from looking too large for their space.

6. Wallpaper a Wall

Wallpaper on one wall can add color and pattern to any room, and installing it yourself with proper instructions is simple enough to do. Choose herringbone patterns for California or boho styles, or white painted bricks to emphasize cottagecore spaces.

Or you might consider creating an accent wall bedroom with a mural – which will transform it into an art gallery!

Paint or wallpaper an eye-catching shape around your bed to create an eye-catching focal point. This approach works best if you plan on hanging a collection of photos or beautiful indoor plants, which could then be further highlighted with wood molding as a frame around them. If opting for bold hues or intricate patterns, keep other furniture simple so as not to overpower this aesthetic.

Stunning Accent Wall Bedroom | 10 Key Essential Elements

7. Add a Headboard

An accent wall bedrooms offers you the chance to unleash your creative side and add personality and distinction. Murals make great DIY projects, while paint or wallpaper options allow you to customize it according to your personal taste.

Wood is an excellent natural choice when selecting accent walls. Reclaimed wood brings rustic charm while shiplap creates a clean, contemporary vibe. Faux wood planks may also offer convenient solutions.

If you prefer wallpaper, consider visiting a paint shop to have it color matched to the existing walls in your bedroom for an optimal result. After, add some framed art or gallery wall pieces as focal points; in this instance the black accent wall frames both nightstands perfectly creating an elegant modern aesthetic.

8. Paint a Faux Board & Batten

Board and batten wall treatments offer an easy, stylish solution for making any room more appealing, making bedrooms look cozy with so much personality! A board and batten wall treatment adds charm, character, warmth, and distinction!

Planning ahead when creating faux board and batten can help ensure success, such as taking into account outlets, window trim, and light switches. Try not to have any batten pieces that line up with these features.

Once your plan for your wall is in place, installing battens can begin. Apply construction adhesive to each piece before nailing them to the wall with nails. Make sure that caulking all seams for a sleek finish is also completed before painting to help fill any nail holes and smooth over any rough edges before painting begins.

Accent Wall Bedroom

9. Add a Built-In

If you’re up for a DIY challenge and possess basic carpentry skills, building a built-in bed frame could add extra storage and create drama in your sleeping space.

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, cool colors may help visually expand its length; a dark blue accent wall could be just what’s needed.

When selecting an accent wall bedroom color, keep your home’s focal point in mind – usually the bed – as an ideal accent wall candidate. One way you could do this would be using wood pieces or decorative artwork to adorn this area, using caulk to secure smooth edges and fill any gaps along the way for a clean finished product.

10. Create a Gallery Wall

Accent wall bedroom don’t need to be plain surfaces built-ins can serve as focal points that encase a bed and tie the room together. Emily Sermons of Shoebox Designs did just this by surrounding it with white built-ins, then painting one side green to emphasize its headboard.

Accent wall bedrooms may also feature walls made of different materials than those on other walls, with wood being an ideal option. MDI Interior Design created a subtle herringbone-patterned wood slat accent wall in this bedroom by placing herringbone-patterned wood slats only along half of it’s bottom half wall – perfect for bedrooms that lean toward California or bohemian styles.

Deeply hued accent walls work especially well in bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows to create an intimate and homey feeling, while black walls can help give larger rooms depth by giving an optical illusion of depth.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting an Accent Wall Bedroom?

When painting an accent wall bedroom, avoid choosing a color that clashes with the room’s overall palette. Ensure proper wall preparation, like cleaning and priming, to achieve a smooth finish. Don’t rush the job; take your time for a professional look.

How Can I Determine the Best Placement for an Accent Wall Bedroom?

To determine the best placement for an accent wall bedroom, consider the wall that naturally draws attention or the one behind the bed. Reflect on the room layout, focal points, and desired ambiance for a visually appealing result.

Are There Any Specific Techniques or Tools Recommended for Painting an Accent Wall Bedroom?

When painting an accent wall bedroom, start by prepping the surface with sanding and primer. Use painter’s tape for clean edges. Apply the paint evenly with a roller or brush. Allow proper drying time between coats for best results.

How Do I Ensure That My Accent Wall Complements the Existing Decor in My Bedroom?

To ensure your accent wall complements existing bedroom decor, consider the color scheme, patterns, and furniture style. Choose a hue that harmonizes with the room’s palette, but adds a pop. Balance it with decor pieces that tie the look together seamlessly.

Are There Any Budget-Friendly Options for Creating an Accent Wall Bedroom?

When creating an accent wall bedroom on a budget, consider using paint, wallpaper, or removable decals. These options can add visual interest and style without breaking the bank. Get creative and have fun with it!


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