Adding Personal Touches in Living Rooms | 10 Dynamic Ways

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Personal Touches in Living Rooms

Living Room

Add decor accents and personal touches in living rooms that reflect your personal style to make yourself feel like home. From personalized throw pillows and monogrammed linens, to custom artwork personalized decorative accents add a unique flair that blends traditional with contemporary design elements.

Displaying your favorite pieces on shelves is another effective way to show your uniqueness and make them visually pleasing. Try mixing odd numbers when styling vignettes for best results.

Adding Personal Touches in Living Rooms | 10 Dynamic Ways

1. Paint the Walls

Make your living room feel complete without committing to painting over existing colors by hanging meaningful family art or travel photos on the walls. This style of decor can help tell your personal narrative while making your living room seem more complete without altering existing hues.

Integrate a soothing shade of blue into your design for an elegant aesthetic. Incorporating it sparingly into this modern living space like in its painted accent wall and pillow accents on a plush sectional sofa has achieved just this effect.

Bring together two distinct themes for an eclectic and interesting aesthetic. Floral-print pillows and a wood-grain coffee table set create an eclectic coastal atmosphere in this living room, complete with sea urchins and suitcases as a nod to its homeowners’ passion for travel and boats. A framed Curtis Jere wall sculpture adds vintage appeal.

2. Add a Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder (commonly referred to as a throw or quilt ladder) adds rustic charm and functionality to any living room. Made from wood, these ladder-like structures typically have rungs where plush throws can be draped for display purposes.

Styling a blanket ladder requires precise craftsmanship. For instance, when creating one with solid and patterned throws that you have folded differently can alter how they appear on its rungs.

Add decorative elements to the space around your blanket ladder for added flair. In this classic entryway, for instance, it perfectly complements natural wooden furniture and an abundant fiddle-leaf fig tree, while providing height and design balance in the home corridor. Finally, adding a wreath above it completes this look for a cozy fall accent.

3. Hang a Wall Hanging

Personalizing your living room decoration by including pieces that reflect you is one of the best ways to personalize it. These could be decorative accents or pieces of artwork with special meaning for you and your family.

Wall hangings add texture, color and warmth to any room they are displayed in. Their various shapes and sizes offer an alternative to wallpaper or paint for decorating walls in larger spaces.

Adding wall hangings is the ideal way to bring life and texture to an otherwise empty wall, giving your artwork an artistic focal point and adding some visual interest. Just be sure to hang them correctly generally speaking eye level should do. And then let your creativity flow!

Adding Personal Touches in Living Rooms | 10 Dynamic Ways

4. Decorate the Coffee Table

Your coffee table should reflect the decor style of your home, whether that means minimalism or maximalism. Accessories like books, candlesticks and flowers can add the perfect finishing touches for an inviting living room setup.

If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, incorporate natural elements like driftwood or eco-friendly preserved moss into your coffee table decor for an earthy touch. Make sure to select only a few items so as to not create an overwhelming visual.

If your space features gold accents, an eye-catching copper tray is an elegant way to display accessories. When working with trays or tabletops, remember to create height by layering different items on them; stacks of thin books paired with bud vases and green leaves can add visual interest and elevate a coffee table setup.

5. Add a Life-Size Baby Giraffe Sculpture

Personalizing your living room doesn’t need to be extravagant sometimes the most meaningful touches can come in unexpected places. Erin Williamson Design created this midcentury inspired living space featuring an eye-catching baby giraffe sculpture which adds character without dominating it.

Add organic shapes into your decor to create an inviting and relaxing environment. A round coffee table or curvy armchairs can help create this soothing ambience; alternatively, adding natural elements like plants or flowers can bring life and brightness into your home.

Avoid creating bookcases that feel overcrowded by creating spaces where the eye can rest. To do this, remove items that no longer serve their intended function and arrange remaining objects more sparsely such as floating books and artwork on walls can free up valuable floor space.

6. Add a Glass Cloche

Glass cloches are an elegant way to showcase clocks or decorative plates in your living room. Used to protect unlit candles from getting dusty or simply used to style open shelving displays, these table accents make an eye-catching display.

Cloche can add height variation and create an interesting balance to an arrangement, especially on mantels and dining tables where many objects reside. Multiple glass domes may help achieve this balanced look as well.

Layered textures, vibrant colors and cozy comfort combine in this living room from Desiree Burns of Desiree Burns Interiors for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. A plush sofa accented with colorful throw pillows (such as the Better Homes and Gardens Blue Diamond Geo Throw Pillow from Walmart for $20) provides texture while simultaneously contributing an eye-catching aesthetic.

Adding Personal Touches in Living Rooms | 10 Dynamic Ways

7. Paint the Built-Ins

By opting for dark built-ins, interior designer Alvin Wayne created a striking backdrop that makes the decorative elements pop. Here, black paint allows him to showcase an art collection and pair of black square frames between windows for an eye-catching and cohesive aesthetic.

Use neutral hues and textures that reflect your design style to make your space more individualized. In this modern living room, a plush sofa and layer upon layer of neutral-patterned throw pillows such as Better Homes & Gardens Blue Diamond Geo Decorative Pillows ($20 Walmart) add comfort and visual interest against an otherwise white background.

Introduce personal memorabilia or collectibles into your living room to create a homey atmosphere. Showcase children’s artwork, family photographs or treasured memorabilia like an antique globe on a wall gallery to give the space an intimate feeling.

8. Add a Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are versatile decorative accessories that serve both as comforting and stylish decorations. There is such a wide variety of throws on offer from cozy faux fur to microfiber. Incorporating one into a neutral room to add texture and pops of color or as an accessory against vibrant rugs or sofas are some of the many possibilities for use of throws as decorative accents.

Multiple throw blankets can create an eye-catching visual display when displayed correctly; one simple and chic way is leaning a lightweight blanket ladder against the wall, as seen here in this living room makeover by interior designer Jenn Pablo of Jenn Pablo Studio.

Woven baskets make for an eye-catching decorative element when used to hold blankets and other household necessities, serving double duty as storage spaces while simultaneously acting as convenient display stands for artwork or plants.

Personal Touches in Living Rooms

9. Hang Woven Baskets

Decorating baskets make beautiful wall art, but displaying them can be tricky. This is especially true of intricately woven pieces with unique forms. However, with proper planning you can easily arrange several different-sized baskets along a straight line on the wall for maximum visual impact.

Add an attractive, unique look to any space while making it easier for visitors to find what they need when they arrive, as well as eliminating additional storage needs in your home. When displaying a series of woven baskets, group them in odd numbers for maximum visual impact; Ajai Guyot used three baskets here with wood tones and leafy fiddle-leaf fig trees as accent pieces to create a cozy and casual ambience that combines modern comforts with traditional accents.

10. Add a Glass Vase

Decor that holds meaning for you adds personality and personal flair to a room, and can quickly personalize a living space. Displaying family photos, children’s art work or vintage travel maps are great ways to give it its own distinct character.

Decor items in vibrant hues like jade green, sapphire blue or ruby red can add flair and character to your living room. By mixing bold accent pieces with solid hued pieces such as white furniture pieces or rug samples, the attention-grabbing hues don’t become overwhelming and create an overly busy living room environment.

Glass vases bring life and vibrance to any vignette and instantly elevate its decor. Be mindful not to fill shelves too full; your eye needs space between items so it can take in their design. Additionally, use a glassware cleaner regularly in order to prevent wax buildup on their surface and maintain their best appearance.

How Can I Incorporate Family Heirlooms and Antiques Into My Living Room Decor?

To incorporate family heirlooms and antiques into your living room decor, consider creating a dedicated display area. Mix these cherished pieces with modern elements to strike a balance between old and new, adding character and depth to your space.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Display Travel Souvenirs and Mementos in the Living Room?

Showcase your travel souvenirs by creating a dedicated gallery wall or shelving display in your living room. Mix in photos, postcards, and trinkets for a personalized touch. Rotate items regularly to keep the display fresh and engaging.

Are There Any Tips for Mixing Different Design Styles and Textures in a Cohesive Way?

When mixing different design styles and textures, focus on balancing elements like color, scale, and proportion. Blend modern with traditional by incorporating complementary pieces. Layer textures for depth. Experiment with contrast but maintain cohesion for a harmonious living space.

How Can I Add Personal Touches In Living Room Without Making It Feel Cluttered or Overwhelming?

To avoid making your living room feel cluttered or overwhelming, focus on incorporating personal touches strategically. Select a few meaningful items that reflect your style and interests, and arrange them thoughtfully to create a cohesive and inviting space.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Incorporate Plants and Greenery Into the Decor of My Living Room?

To incorporate plants and greenery into your living room, consider hanging planters for a vertical garden, placing small potted plants on shelves, or using a large statement plant as a focal point. Mix and match different types for a dynamic look.


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