Bedding and Pillows in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Dynamic Elements

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bedding and pillows in bedroom

Bed Room

Dress your bed in simple elegance by layering a plain coverlet tucked under, a folded duvet or blanket, and pillows to coordinate with them. Finish it off with one decorative toss pillow or long bolster for an exquisite touch.

Variety in pillow textures will add vibrancy and interest to your bed design, from felt and knitted fabrics to smooth linens and luxurious velvets you can create an eye-catching aesthetic!

Following are the 10 elements of bedding and pillows in bedroom interior design:

Bedding and Pillows in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Dynamic Elements

Solid Colors

For a clean and minimalist aesthetic, solid-colored pillows are best. This allows for the juxtaposition of textures without becoming overwhelming or out-of-balanced.

Add cozy rustic warmth with oversized lumbar throw pillows for color and texture, according to Havenly interior designers. A no-hassle arrangement that is both relaxed and stylish at once is achieved this way.

If your bedroom decor features heavy patterns, consider introducing one solid-colored pillow as an accent piece that brings visual interest and contrast into your decor. This allows the rest of the pieces in your room to stand out.


Pillows offer an easy way to express your individual design style. Havenly interior designers often employ pillows as part of the furniture arrangement to achieve that cozy hotel look or give a room an informal coastal aesthetic.

Patterned pillow covers can quickly add depth and contrast to any bed. Try mixing striped pillows with ones showcasing floral motifs or sayings to achieve an impressive, cohesive aesthetic.

Another effective way to coordinate patterned pillows with ottoman upholstery is by taking inspiration from its colors. This works especially well if your ottoman upholstery features monochromatic hues; for instance, a neutral linen throw blanket could inspire the colors for an eclectic pillow collection featuring stripes, squares, triangles as well as plaids and floral patterns; making the entire combination seem less disjointed than chaotic!


Consider texture when selecting throw pillows; texture adds warmth and comfort as well as visual interest. Fabrics like boucle, faux fur and silk add softness while woven fabrics, burlap and wool offer various textures.

No matter if it be solid colors, patterns, or textures; your pillow colors and designs should reflect your design style. For instance, striped pillows with floral motifs or sayings work beautifully in farmhouse chic or boho decor while quilted pillows add charm with their charming and rustic charm.

Keep in mind that symmetrical arrangements add balance and harmony, while an asymmetrical one creates more casual, eclectic looks. When placing pillows across both sides, make sure the number remains constant so as to balance visual weight evenly; this will prevent an untidy look that makes guests want to enter your bedroom! When mixed with bedding pieces from various vendors, pillows create an inviting environment where guests cannot wait to enter!

Different Sizes

Decorating pillows don’t need to be all one shape to work in your bedroom. Try mixing up pillow shapes like squares, circles and rectangles to add variety and character.

Propped against your headboard is an effective way to add visual depth and create an inviting nook for reading or watching TV. Large euro pillows or accent lumbar pillows help balance out this style’s symmetry.

Switch up the throw pillows according to the seasons to add flair to your bedding and give your sleep space an added layer of luxury. In spring and summer, opt for floral and pastel patterns while velvets provide warm tones in autumn and winter. Varying textures also elevates your bed’s aesthetics and provides an intriguing tactile experience; silk velvet velvet or smooth polyester material provides luxurious sleep space options.

Asymmetrical Arrangement

Size and shape of pillows have a tremendous effect on the aesthetics of your bed. An asymmetrical arrangement creates an elegant yet welcoming aesthetic.

Begin with two standard sleeping pillows stacked atop each other at the head of your bed, adding decorative or lumbar pillows for accent. Finish it off with a long bolster pillow on one end for added luxuriousness.

For a classic or elegant bed setting, layer pillow arrangements with a coverlet tucked under each pillowcase, along with duvet covers, blankets or thin quilts folded at the foot of the bed. Add dust skirts and matching shams over sleeping pillows in pillowcases before topping the bed off with decorative throw pillows for an eye-catching display.

Mix striped and plaid pillows for an energetic yet balanced look in any bedroom for boys or girls alike. This arrangement makes a statement.

Bedding and Pillows in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Dynamic Elements

Odd Numbers

Odd numbers work better when it comes to placing throw pillows on a bed; three lumbar or Euro pillows placed symmetrically on a king size mattress create an inviting symmetrical arrangement, adding charm and making the space feel welcoming.

Odd numbers make for striking vignettes on tables, mantels, or bookshelves. Try grouping items in odd numbers three, five, or seven works best with varied heights, shapes and colors of objects within each grouping.

Contrasting textures is another effective way to bring life and depth to a bedroom design, such as pairing smooth sheets with plush wool blankets. Metallic accents add an air of luxury; try adding one like Katie LeClerq’s throw pillow for an easy way to incorporate this trend without overshadowing your neutral bedding with too much color.

Variations in Texture

Throw pillows can add just the right touch of texture to a bedroom dominated by neutral colors, metal and wood furniture, to soften its look. A fluffy faux fur pillow in a farmhouse bed instantly brings warmth and casual charm while an understated linen one adds luxuriousness.

Mixing patterns from the same color family can create depth and visual interest. Try pairing an organic floral print with geometric and small-scale prints for an eye-catching arrangement.

When adding textures, remember that feather inserts make for the most eye-catching pillows. Achieve this plump, karate chopped cushion look by purchasing pillows with suitable filling and then adding an accent feather insert – an easy way to give any room a designer touch!

Mixing Materials

Mixing materials adds interest and contrast to any bedroom. Use pillows made from different materials, like cotton and linen, velvet and silk, for a unique look in your bed. Pillow filling options such as down, memory foam or synthetic alternatives further elevate its visual appearance while increasing comfort.

No matter the style you prefer – be it farmhouse chic, boho-inspired or anything in between – mixing styles when selecting pillow arrangements can create an eye-catching design. Pairing an organic floral print with geometric patterns adds depth and dimension to a room’s visual appeal, while mixing materials works to balance colder industrial elements like glass and metal furniture pieces with warmer, soft textures like wood grain surfaces, shaggy rugs or velvet accents for added warmth and soft textures. Finish it all off by throwing a warm throw blanket at the foot of your bed for finishing touch.

Mixing Styles

Symmetry and balance are integral parts of interior design and can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any bedroom. One way of accomplishing this goal is using different pillow shapes and sizes for added depth on your bed.

Start with standard 20×26 pillows to provide a cozy base for your sleep environment, then layer up decorative toss pillows or long bolsters in front for added dimension and layers of style.

Add throw blankets for an effortless balance by selecting ones in colors matching walls, curtains, carpets and bedding to complete a cohesive feel. Seasonally appropriate throws such as cooler pastel tones work best during spring/summer while rich and earthy tones work great in fall/winter months.

bedding and pillows in bedroom

Mixing Colors

Your color selection for dressing your bed reveals much about your personal aesthetic. While symmetry and balance play an essential part in this regard, there are other ways of taking things a step further.

Contrasting tints of the same hue are an elegant way to achieve an eye-catching, sophisticated aesthetic. Bright hues add energy and vibrancy while soft neutral tints help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Mixing patterns adds depth to a bedroom. Mix a floral print with stripes on pillows or geometric designs for an eye-catching and unique arrangement that looks stylish yet put-together.

Add an elegant finishing touch to any well-styled bed by including luxurious throw blankets or cozy lumbar pillows as the finishing touches, they can help transform it from an ordinary sleeping surface into an oasis of restful sleep, which ADPRO Directory designer Liz Caan highly endorses.

How Can I Incorporate Personal Style Into My Bedding and Pillow Choices?

To incorporate your personal style into bedding and pillows, consider mixing patterns and textures that reflect your taste. Add decorative pillows with unique designs or colors that speak to your personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Are There Any Eco-Friendly Options Available for Bedding and Pillows In Bedroom?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options for bedding and pillows in bedroom. Consider materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fibers. These choices promote sustainability and are gentle on the environment, giving you a stylish and eco-conscious bedroom.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Mix and Match Different Textures in Bedding and Pillows?

Mixing and matching various textures in your bedding and pillows can create a visually appealing and cozy atmosphere. Experiment with smooth satin, plush velvet, and soft cotton to add depth and interest to your bedroom decor.

Can You Provide Tips on How to Properly Store Bedding and Pillows In Bedroom When Not in Use?

When not in use, store bedding and pillows in bedroom in a cool, dry place to prevent mustiness. Consider using breathable storage bags or containers to keep them fresh and organized. Regularly check for any signs of moisture or pests.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines for Selecting the Right Size Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions?

When selecting pillows for different sleeping positions, consider your needs. Side sleepers may benefit from firmer, thicker pillows, while back sleepers might prefer medium support. Stomach sleepers often find thinner pillows more comfortable. Your ideal pillow size depends on your sleeping position.


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