Corner Kitchen Cabinet 10 Dynamic Ideas

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corner kitchen cabinet


Corner kitchen cabinet can often be neglected when it comes to storage needs; however, they could provide the ideal opportunity for hiding items rarely used.

These 10 corner kitchen cabinet ideas provide solutions that optimize space and utility. Keep an eye out for features like lazy susans and accordion drawers to find solutions tailored specifically to each corner.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet 10 Dynamic Ideas

1. Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Lazy susans have quickly become one of the most beloved kitchen cabinet accessories, making items in hard-to-reach corner base cabinets easily accessible. These circular storage solutions feature independent rotating trays composed of wood, polymer or wire for convenient organization and access.

A standard pie-shaped lazy susan works in most corner cabinets, but you may prefer a kidney-shaped model which can accommodate cabinet doors opening at 90-degree angles. Such models are an excellent solution for storing baking supplies such as flours and oils along with measuring cups and bowls.

Rev-A-Shelf wood lazy susans fit nicely in upper or lower corner cabinets, offering various diameters to meet the exact dimensions of any cabinet opening. Their classic kitchen designs make these spinners an excellent addition.

2. Pull Out Shelves

If you have difficulty reaching items stored deep within corner cabinet shelves, custom storage solutions could make them more efficient. Lazy Susans are one solution, but other rotating platforms designed specifically to fit inside corner cabinets come in various shapes and sizes to meet various cabinet configurations.

Another solution is a swing-out tray that pivots outward. These pull-outs are great for storing oddly shaped cookware, large bowls or any other bulky or awkward items that don’t fit neatly in cabinets.

For upper cabinets, try diagonal drawers which fit into corner spaces at an acute angle; these custom cabinet designs provide easier access than standard cabinet doors while remaining stylish additions for any kitchen design. Though these costlier alternatives might initially appear costly, their long-term investment pays dividends in terms of time saved in the kitchen!

3. Box-Style Corner Cabinet

Box-style cabinets are a popular choice for lower corner cabinets, offering two easy-access shelves to store dishes and cookware. Furthermore, their design incorporates a drawer for frequently used supplies like sponges and dish soap that may otherwise clutter countertops.

If you prefer more traditional kitchen aesthetics, this wooden corner cabinet with glass-doors may be just what’s needed to organize all of your cooking utensils. The angular opening and corner hinges add visual interest without disrupting the flow of your space.

For easy access to items stored at the back of corner cabinets, consider opting for a diagonal wall lazy susan. Featuring an angled front door with 2-3 spinning trays attached directly onto plywood shelves, this storage solution makes locating items stored there simpler while the angled trays also keep commonly-used pots and pans close at hand.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet 10 Dynamic Ideas

4. Open Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an efficient and space-saving way to increase storage without the bulkiness of cabinet boxes. Perfect for displaying pantry staples and kitchen decor like glass jars of flour, rice, sugar or coffee beans they make an attractive display in any space!

Floating shelves are also great way to fill corners that don’t allow for full-sized cabinets, though be mindful that frequent rearrangement could generate lots of dust on them.

Floating shelves offer an elegant way to display prized kitchen items such as bowls, mugs, cookbooks and serving pieces – they make for great mixed storage solutions that still appear cohesive and balanced. Furthermore, their flexible nature provides the perfect background for an array of wallpaper patterns and color schemes in the kitchen.

5. Multi-Level Box-Style Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinets in your kitchen may be difficult to access due to items stored at the back corners being hard to reach. Luckily, there are various methods that can make accessing them simpler.

Options available to you include Lazy Susan systems that make navigating cabinets without bending or reaching easier, available both lower and upper cabinets.

Diagonal cabinets can help minimize dead space while adding visual interest to your kitchen design. Tension rods can also help keep pot lids organized and make them easy to find when cooking, while installing LED lighting in corners of cabinets to increase visibility and make items easier to access (recess lights and motion-activated lights that turn on automatically when opening cabinet doors can also make life simpler).

6. Drawer Corner Cabinet

Corner drawers provide an efficient way of storing kitchen essentials such as utensils and other supplies while adding visual appeal in farmhouse or rustic kitchen designs.

Drawer inserts can be an excellent solution for corner cabinet drawers, enabling homeowners to efficiently and neatly store serving utensils or Tupperware without them becoming disorganized over time. This helps minimize meal preparation and cleanup frustration as frequently used items are quickly accessible at the front of their respective drawers.

Before purchasing this type of storage accessory, it’s essential that precise space measurements are taken so the drawer fits seamlessly and without any potential hindrances such as architectural features or plumbing systems.

Corner Kitchen Cabinet 10 Dynamic Ideas

7. Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Lazy Susan corner cabinets provide an easy way to reach storage that may otherwise be hard to access in blind base cabinets. Popular in kitchen spaces, but also ideal for pantry spaces which store less-frequently used supplies like spices or canned foods, lazy Susan cabinets offer easy access and are easily reachable when necessary.

These versatile storage solutions can be integrated into a new kitchen or added as an upgrade in an existing one. Each tray sits independently in the corner of your cabinet, and 1-3 shelves may be added depending on your storage requirements and item heights.

Wood lazy Susans provide ample storage space in corner cabinets while making items easier to find when needed – an ideal choice for homeowners struggling to locate what they need in cluttered cabinetry.

8. Pull-Out Drawer Corner Cabinet

One innovative kitchen cabinet idea for base angle corners is installing pull-out drawers. This clever solution maximizes storage space while making it simple to reach items stored behind corners, such as Tupperware.

Other ways of making blind corner cabinets more useful include adding a Lazy Susan or swing-out tray that makes grabbing items without reaching into deep corners easier, and diagonal cabinet doors, which offer an effective solution for corner cabinets that reduce dead space.

Instead, open shelves can create a lighter and airier aesthetic in any kitchen space. Jessica Nelson Design created this creative corner storage solution that serves both style and function by accommodating wine bottles, serving pieces, decor items, and natural lighting into this upper corner of this kitchen.

corner kitchen cabinet

9. Rounded Cabinet Doors

There are various cabinetry solutions for corner kitchen cabinets that provide easy access to contents. A classic example is a Lazy Susan, which rotates to allow you to see and reach items located in back corners. There are different designs of these systems such as half-moon or full-round that suit different cabinet configurations.

Other options to consider for corner storage could be a swing-out tray that pivots out from a cabinet and offers similar functionality without needing to bend or stretch. Or consider diagonal cabinets which utilize angled shelving units for floor-to-ceiling corner storage solutions.

Consider installing a hidden garbage disposal system that tucks your trash away into a cabinet, eliminating the need for open waste containers in your kitchen and keeping things looking tidier! These innovative corner kitchen cabinet ideas will surely make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing!

10. Floor-to-Ceiling Corner Cabinet

Floor-to-ceiling corner kitchen cabinets make an impactful design statement while offering plenty of storage space. Ideal for contemporary or minimal spaces, this style of cabinet provides plenty of display shelves perfect for showcasing decorative items or creating an indoor cocktail or coffee bar.

Trash cans are often stored inside kitchen cabinets, but with a pull-out waste container system you can easily access and throw away trash without crouching down to do it. Furthermore, this corner kitchen cabinet idea offers additional storage underneath shelves if required an expensive yet practical way of making use of an otherwise wasted corner space!

What Are Some Creative Ways to Maximize Storage Space in a Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

To maximize storage in a corner kitchen cabinet, consider installing a lazy Susan for easy access to items and utilizing stackable shelves to utilize vertical space. Drawer organizers and pull-out racks help keep items organized and accessible.

Are There Any Specialized Organizers or Inserts That Can Help Make the Most of a Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

You can enhance corner kitchen cabinet functionality with specialized inserts like lazy Susans, pull-out shelves, or swing-out racks. These organizers optimize space, making items easily accessible. Consider your needs and cabinet dimensions for the perfect fit.

How Can I Prevent Items From Getting Lost or Forgotten in the Back of a Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

To prevent items from getting lost in the back of a corner kitchen cabinet, organize with pull-out shelves or lazy Susans. These solutions make it easy to access items at the back without having to dig through everything.

Are There Any DIY Solutions for Optimizing a Corner Kitchen Cabinet Without Purchasing Expensive Accessories?

To optimize a corner kitchen cabinet without pricey accessories, try DIY solutions like lazy Susans, pull-out shelves, or stacking bins. These simple upgrades can make better use of space and ensure items are easily accessible.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

When organizing a corner kitchen cabinet, avoid piling items haphazardly, neglecting to use organizers, and forgetting to label containers. By utilizing space efficiently, keeping items accessible, and decluttering regularly, you can maximize functionality and minimize frustration.


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