Create a Dark Green Bedroom | 10 Elements

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Dark Green Bedroom

Bed Room

Dark green bedrooms can feel luxurious while simultaneously being relaxing and soothing. Incorporate natural elements into the room such as woven rugs, wood accents and plants for balance.

Combining different design styles is an effective strategy for creating a contemporary dark green bedroom. Here, grasscloth wallpaper from Maggie Griffin Interiors pairs beautifully with more classic bedding and floral textiles from Magag Griffin Home Decor.

Create a Dark Green Bedroom | 10 Elements

1. Paint the walls

No matter whether your bedroom features light or dark wood furniture, adding an eye-catching shade like green can instantly transform it. Dark green wall paint stands out against white textiles to create a luxurious and welcoming space.

Green is an earthy hue, pairing well with natural elements like wood accents, woven textures and plants in any decor scheme. In this bedroom idea featuring the dark green paint color “Laurel Garland,” which pairs nicely with beige curtains and blankets, brown rattan furniture and dark art prints – an idea easily implemented.

If you’re uncertain of painting all four walls of your bedroom, why not try this modern bedroom idea of creating a green feature wall instead? Not only will it achieve the same dramatic effects, but changing it is far easier should your taste shift or you become bored of its aesthetic.

2. Choose the right furniture

If you want a contemporary edge in your green bedroom, choose furnishings with clean lines – like this bedroom’s sleek headboard and gold-accented lighting – that feature clean surfaces like smooth molded headboards and bold colors such as yellow bedding or ruby red tufted headboard. Bright hues help break up the richness of dark green hues such as this bedroom’s yellow bedding or ruby red tufted headboard – but keep things minimal and consider how different accessories could add dimension based on personal taste and the amount of natural light available in space vs how dark green they really are in terms of decoration versus how deep green they appear compared to dark hues like other colors used.

Dark green accent walls are an effective way to elevate any room, creating an eye-catching focal point and an eye-catching statement piece. For an alternative approach, try wallpaper or panels with intricate patterns or designs.

Rustic furniture works beautifully in a green bedroom, particularly if its warm brown tones complement the earthy tones in its paint color. Here, a sleek bed frame and printed duvet create a balance against lush green walls while woven blankets and wooden plant hangers bring texture into the space.

3. Add a statement headboard

One effective way to soften a dark green bedroom is with the addition of a bold headboard. Not only will this bring balance to the space, but it can also make walls seem brighter – using natural shades like jute or white can complete this effect perfectly!

Opt for a faux upholstered headboard instead; this trend has recently taken the world by storm and can add an eye-catching element to your bedroom, as well as easily changing looks should that become necessary.

Dark green walls pair perfectly with patterned furniture and decor. Kate Marker Interiors used a patterned bed frame in this dark green bedroom by adding visual interest with neutral bedding and an earth-tone area rug for an appealing and cohesive aesthetic.

Create a Dark Green Bedroom | 10 Elements

4. Add a touch of gold

Your dark green bedroom can be both modern and sophisticated if you incorporate the right elements, such as black shades that compliment its hue beautifully – pairing well together, these hues offer both earthy yet refined looks.

Pair dark green with gold tones for an eye-catching and sophisticated aesthetic, which works particularly well in bedrooms featuring neutral furniture and bedding. Add accents of beige by placing beige-hued rugs or artwork to further complete this look.

Dark green bedrooms can be luxurious and elegant by selecting velvet furniture and accessories, like velvet chairs and accessories, plush bed frames, plush throw pillows and plush rug textures. To complete the look of luxury and elegance in a dark green bedroom, add plants – snake plants, peace lilies or pothos are easy to care for and can help improve indoor air quality while adding brass or gold mirrors for an opulent touch!

5. Opt for abstract art

Artwork can transform a room from dark green to jaw-droppingly stunning in an instant. Instagrammer Fiona used patterned wall art to add personality and color to her dark green bedroom before pairing it with gold accents for added luxury.

Leaf prints go great with darker green tones and can be added through bedding, pillows or furniture like a tufted headboard. However, it is important not to overmatch; otherwise it can come off too forced and old-school.

Soft sage and celadon green hues create a relaxing environment in any bedroom, and pair particularly beautifully with natural elements, such as jute rugs or rattan accessories. Or for something tropical with more of an island flair, consider choosing dark greens that feature jungle-inspired prints; this shade immediately promotes tranquility.

6. Go for wall trims

One effective way to add luxury and sophistication to a green bedroom is through wall trims, such as mirror frames or picture frames. When combined with dark green walls, these accents can create an opulent and sophisticated space.

Are you searching for ways to add visual interest and contrast into your green bedroom? Try adding patterns or texture wallpaper. This moody juniper-hued master bedroom from The Sweetest Digs uses an eye-catching geometric pattern on one wall as an eye-catcher, providing visual interest and creating visual harmony in this moody space.

Try mixing your dark green walls with patterns from bedding, curtains and more – like this emerald green bedroom from Tina Ramchandani Creative which uses neutral and earthy tones with earthy patterned textiles such as Roman shades, area rugs and duvet covers for an alluring balance.

Create a Dark Green Bedroom | 10 Elements

7. Choose the right fabrics

Green is an earthy hue that works well with almost all accent colors, from neutrals such as white and beige to warmer tones like warm brown. Rugs, wood furniture and gold-accented lamps can make great accompaniments to its leafy hues.

Mixing design styles is one surefire way to give your green bedroom an up-to-the-minute and contemporary feel. Here, a shabby-chic bohemian-style rug and macrame plant hanger blend in beautifully with more traditional bed frame, wall art, lighting fixtures, mirror frames, lighting glam touches like gold framed mirrors and lighting for an eye-catching finish.

Pair this dark hued space with natural fabric curtains in earthy tones as well as earth-tone bedding in earth tones to keep things serene while adding touches like blue patterned pillows and blankets can add visual interest as well.

8. Go for drapes

Decorating a bedroom with green walls requires selecting appropriate fabrics, especially curtains that can help create an overall cohesive appearance and also emphasize their regal presence.

Choose patterned curtain fabrics instead of solid color ones against green walls to bring out their best qualities and make an eye-catching room. By doing so, you will create an eye-catching atmosphere in any room you enter.

Mixing design styles is an effective way to lighten dark green bedroom walls. Here, a bohemian-style rug and macrame plant hanger from bohemia combine with modern nightstands and gold accents for an elegant aesthetic. Green can also be used as an accent color on other decor elements like vases and picture frames for a cohesive and polished finish.

Dark Green Bedroom

9. Choose the right prints

Add prints with earthy tones that complement your dark green bedroom hue for maximum effect, or add touches of gold for a luxurious vibe.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to painting the entire bedroom, why not consider opting for a green accent wall as an elegant focal point instead? It will instantly elevate the style and atmosphere of any space!

Dark forest green walls in this master bedroom accentuate the beautiful geometric molding and white historic doors throughout the space, while oaky decor complements its lush hue, while bohemian touches such as fringe rugs and macrame plant hangers add playful elements that work together effortlessly. Mixing design styles is always a surefire way to achieve harmony!

10. Choose the right lamps and lights

Green can make an eye-catching accent color in any bedroom, as well as being used as the primary hue. This bedroom features Field Trip – a dark green paint which strikes an appropriate balance between moody and ethereal for its entire backdrop, while dark wall art, wood trim, bedding, decor (rattan headboard and plants) all tie in seamlessly with its color palette.

Metallics make for a fantastic accent option when decorating dark green walls, especially gold’s rich and luxurious aesthetic. Metallic finishes pair nicely with green’s natural and organic feeling; be sure to incorporate metallic finishes in furniture such as bed frames and mirrors, picture frames and wall clocks, trim on drapes or trim as a means of adding even more glitz!

Can a Dark Green Bedroom Affect My Mood or Mental Health in Any Way?

A dark green bedroom can impact your mood and mental health. The color green is often associated with calmness and nature. The dark shade may create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, but personal preferences and lighting also play a role.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Dark Green Bedrooms?

Some common misconceptions about dark green bedrooms include believing they are too gloomy or overwhelming. In reality, with the right decor and lighting, dark green can create a cozy, sophisticated atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

Are There Any Specific Feng Shui Principles to Consider When Designing a Dark Green Bedroom?

When designing a dark green bedroom with feng shui in mind, ensure good energy flow by placing the bed in the commanding position, incorporating elements like wood and earth, and balancing yin and yang energies for a harmonious space.

How Can I Incorporate Natural Elements Into a Dark Green Bedroom Design?

To incorporate natural elements into your design, consider adding wood accents like a bed frame or side tables, introducing plants for a pop of greenery, and incorporating natural textures such as jute rugs or linen curtains for a cohesive look.

Are There Any Recommended Lighting Options for a Dark Green Bedroom to Enhance the Ambiance?

To enhance the ambiance in your dark green bedroom, consider soft, warm lighting options like dimmable lamps, string lights, or wall sconces. These choices can create a cozy atmosphere and complement the natural elements in your decor.


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