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rug size for king bed


rug size for king bed

Choosing the Right Rug Size For King Beds

Picking the suitable rug size for a king-size bed might prove difficult.
Ideal, a rug needs to expand 18-24 inches past the sides of your bed to guarantee proportionality and avoid feeling overcrowded.

One of the simplest and quickest means to include heat and softness to your bed room is to add a rug. A rug of the ideal size may assist soften the room’s acoustics, causing a comfortable and relaxed setting for sleeping or unwinding.

Maybe difficult to choose which rug size goes best with your king bed. Here are some referrals to assist you in picking a rug appropriate for this location.

rug size for king bed

Different rug size for king size bed:


A nine by 12-foot rug is a large size that looks ideal when a lot of it is positioned straight underneath a king-size bed with only 18-24″ between it and nightstands separating them.

Remember that the width of your rug should match the distance from each nightstand on each side of the wall. This will avoid the back legs of the king bed from unnecessarily hanging off either side and making sure that both nightstands sit easily on it without hanging off.


A 10-by-14 foot rug pairs nicely with king beds in tool to large bedrooms. It will allow the lower two thirds of the bed and night tables to totally hinge on it while leaving sufficient bare flooring space around its sides for walking easily.

If your bedroom features night tables placed either side of a king bed, positioning them on top of a runner rug instead of beneath it can help bring everything with each other in one room and maintain your bed room really feeling open and ventilated.


Under your bed, there are different styles to take into consideration when positioning a rug, from conventional and non-traditional styles alike. A 8×8 feet rug may be appropriate for basic king-sized beds in average-sized spaces.

The rug must stretch from each of the 4 corners of your bed for finest outcomes, permitting 10 to 20 inches of flooring area around it. Specifically efficient and adding yet another decorative feature to your bed room layout strategy is a bench placed at the foot of the bed. A rug also brings color to an area’s or else neutral decoration!


A rug measuring nine feet by twelve feet sets well with a king bed, especially when including nightstands or benches at its foot. As this rug size calls for lots of space in your bedroom for it.

Designers recommend that the width of a rug need to match that of the combined widths of the king bed and night tables on either side, to produce an integrated look and specify one unified area for furniture placement.


A 5 feet by 13 feet rug can likewise function perfectly when put tactically near a King-sized bed, and this size rug is best matched to tool and oversized bedrooms.

An efficient area rug ought to expand 18 to 24 inches on either side of your bed for optimal bare floor area and night table space. This will certainly leave enough room on each side for you to position night tables.


Big bed rooms with king-sized beds may find that a 6 x 12 rug gives enough shake area for suiting the bed and one night table while still padding most of the bed room floor.

This arrangement is the very best method to mount your king bed proportionately within its area and gives you the versatility to put the bench on or off of the rug as required if you like a lot more traditional layouts with a bed, night tables and bench atop a rug with no additional seating around it.


If there are no other components, such as benches at the foot of the bed or larger furniture products, such as dressers or floor mirrors, an 8×10 rug is the excellent size for king beds. If you mount nightstands by either side of your bed mattress, this rug size provides a lot of area for them.

This rug’s size accommodates both nightstands at each end of the bed and is appropriate for any bench or ottoman put at the rug’s foot.


Although a rug measuring 5 feet by 8 feet may appear unusual as an enhance to king beds, it may function when placed thoughtfully within the style of a room. This rug looks well precede with a centralized furniture arrangement or open layout.

When put appropriately, a rug may totally enclose a room, leaving just a small area between it and the night tables. Nightstands may after that be positioned either directly on top of the rug or off of it for a more classy or modern look.


If your bed room has a king bed with night tables on either side, putting them on a rug will help make the area feel much more natural. Place the lowest two-thirds of both night tables and any kind of benches at the foot of your bed on it for the very best effect.

In this circumstance, a 6 by 9 rug works flawlessly because it leaves enough space for a king bed and a bench or chest at the foot of the bed.

Rug Size for King Bed | 9 Best Sizes | 3 Aspects |

Aspects to Consider:

Size of the Area

Just how you arrange a rug depends on the size and configuration of your area. The rug needs to cover the large amount of flooring location made use of by a king-size bed without blocking other furniture in the space. See to it that none of its edges touch any kind of walls because this may provide the location an unpleasant appearance.

A king bed need to fit under a rug that is 9 feet by 12 feet larger bedrooms would certainly call for a rug that is higher in size. This size rug would fit both night tables and give lots of area at the foot of the bed for seats or various other furniture pieces.

Using tape as a measuring aid for a huge rug under a king bed can assist you prevent investing money on something that won’t look fairly appropriate and might waste cash by being as well large or tiny for its environments. This will likewise make sure that the rug assimilates effortlessly with your bedroom design.

Furniture Positioning

When picking a rug size for a king bed, it is essential to take into consideration various other furniture setups, such as ottomans or benches placed at the foot of your bed. An 8×10 rug is normally ample coverage without being too big to suit these devices.

Jogger rugs of at the very least that length, placed in the bottom third of a room to frame and include elegance, are another choice for framing a king-size bed with rugs that go to the very least 7 feet long. It may likewise be effectively mounted by various other rug forms, such as oblong or arch-shaped ones.

When picking corresponding shades, make certain your plan looks balanced.

Visual Appeal

Your room may be made to look wonderful and luxurious by including a rug underneath your king-size bed. Selecting the right rug size is essential to making a striking setup: a rug that is insufficient may make your room appearance disconnected, while one that is also substantial might cover its proportions and obstruct its functioning.

This action also ensures an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, which is particularly essential if your head board has tufted or upholstered furniture. Relocate your bed so it is focused both horizontally and up and down to optimize visibility of all elements of your rug, including it aligning flawlessly with its particular headboard if appropriate.

Rug Size For Living Room

Additional Suggestions:

  •  A bigger rug is called for if you want to include nightstands or other furniture beside a king-size bed. For a practical and healthy layout, numerous designers recommend leaving a minimum of ample room between each element in the room.
  • For smaller sized spaces, this 8 by 10 rug is the excellent alternative. This setup is excellent for areas with hardwood floor covering as it guarantees that there isn’t way too much furniture hiding the flooring’s all-natural elegance. This size will pleasantly fit a king bed and two nightstands.
  • Before utilizing painter’s tape to attract the location you desire your rug to cover, determine the size and length of your king bed to establish the optimal rug size.
  • A 9 ft. x 12 ft. rug put below your king bed, if it is located close to the base of a wall in your area, might supply additional support for night tables and any benches or foot-end ottomans there.
  • King beds should be placed on top of a rug that reaches at least 18 to 24 inches past the sides and foot of the mattress for ideal effects.
  • In any room, a king-sized bed can swiftly appear overwhelming. With an area rug that fits its range and likewise includes some designs and aspects of layout, this effect can be decreased.
  • Utilizing an 8 foot by 10 foot rug with appropriate extra padding at its base and space for a chair or bench to sit on top of it would be another option for cushioning the lower two thirds of the bed.
  • Another well-liked design idea is maintaining night tables off of the rug while allowing the lower two-thirds of the bed lie there, leaving space for foot-end benches or chests.



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