Scandinavian Interior Theme | 10 Key Elements

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Scandinavian interior theme

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Scandinavian interior theme style homes are increasingly popular as it strikes an appealing balance between beauty and functionality. Take advantage of Decorilla’s free interior design consultation today to discover how this style can enrich your living space!

Textured accent pieces like wool or sheepskin blankets help create the cozy Nordic aesthetic, while plants and flowers bring in vibrant pops of natural color that complement its light hues.

1. Natural elements

Scandinavian interior theme decor emphasizes natural elements as essential features. This can include wood, nature-inspired sculptural pieces and house plants; often times these materials are complimented with neutral or soft hues of blues and greens for an aesthetic that feels both calming and cozy.

Soft textiles are another integral element of Scandinavian decor, whether that means sheepskin throw blankets or wool mohair rugs – both offer comforting texture that creates warmth in any room.

An injection of color can add life and character to Scandinavian design; however, its use should remain limited as too much can overwhelm its minimalist aesthetic. A good way to add pops of color without overwhelming minimalist style is with accessories like vases, glassware and ceramics; look for items made by artisans and which showcase natural textures; these could include mouth-blown vessels, scented candles and decorative brass candleholders – these all showcase unique style while staying within this aesthetic.

Scandinavian Interior Theme | 10 Key Elements

2. Clean lines

Scandinavian interior theme design relies heavily on clean lines that are uncomplicated yet elegant, letting natural materials and light take center stage. Additionally, their openness lends rooms an airy feeling.

Given Nordic winters’ long dark days, light is key to Scandinavian design. Large windows with simple white frames and translucent curtains allow light to come in without compromising privacy or blocking out views; additionally mirrors can be strategically placed to reflect daylight back out again.

Texture plays a pivotal role in Scandinavian interior theme design. Rounded or textured furnishings like rattan chairs and shelving add visual interest against neutral palettes; while woven baskets and planters double up as both storage solutions and stylish decor pieces. Plus, decorative accessories like hand-blown glass vessels and scented candles add color and personality while artwork and wall-mounted botanical prints bring even more visual interest into a room!

3. Functionality

One of the primary goals of Scandinavian interior theme design is to enhance everyday life. That means creating practical yet multipurpose furniture, and storage-as-decor items like garment racks, bookcases and leaning mirrors which serve both functions simultaneously while adding style.

Textured accent pieces such as wool and sheepskin throw blankets, jute, linen or burlap add texture without altering the sleek color palette of this design style.

Mary Beth Christopher from Milk & Confetti recommends adding sun-loving plants as an easy and cost-effective way of adding color and life to a Scandinavian room. According to Christopher, lacking greenery is usually the biggest misstep she sees people make when creating Scandinavian designs; plants are simple elements to include into this minimalist Nordic aesthetic! Simply strategically position them along with other earthy elements for maximum effect!

4. Colour

Scandinavians interior theme tend to favor neutrals, but earthy hues like olive or army green are also very popular choices. This natural tone will create an intimate and cozy feel in any room; wallpaper or wall art featuring nature-inspired designs completes this look perfectly.

Darker hues such as slate grey or pastel blue are popularly found on furniture, while darker colors like these can also be used for exterior cladding, creating a modern rustic style.

Soft textiles such as wool and sheepskin blankets are staples in Scandinavian homes, adding warmth and softening the minimalist aesthetic. To add an additional Scandinavian flair, try hanging monochrome artwork on your walls using 3M picture hanging strips; the best wall art for Scandinavian interior theme decor features nature or human figures.

5. Hygge

Scandinavian interior theme decor seeks to strike a delicate balance between beauty, simplicity, and functionality. This style avoids clutter by keeping each piece of furniture, decor, and lighting serving its intended function; its beauty comes from neutrals and natural materials combined with cozy contentment known as hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish concept for cultivating comfort and togetherness through activities like sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace with a good book or cuddling under a cozy blanket while watching an entertaining TV show. Danes embrace it wholeheartedly.

Although having a neutral palette is important, don’t be intimidated to experiment with colorful earth tones like sky blue, burnt sienna, evergreen and deep ochre for decor accents that will bring these vivid earth tones to life! Add these hues to walls and rugs to achieve the Scandinavian aesthetic; or embrace nature through wood, rattan and other natural materials as part of hygge principles.

Scandinavian Interior Theme | 10 Key Elements

6. Natural materials

Consider adding natural materials like wool and sheepskin throw blankets, rattan and leather chairs, jute rugs to add warmth and texture into your Scandinavian interior theme room. Neutral tones such as soft greys and whites or earthy hues such as khaki or yellow are great additions that bring in both texture and comfort; adding textural accent pieces like mouth-blown vessels and scented candles is another way to bring this into play while adding warmth to your space. Be careful to avoid cluttering tables or coffee tables with figurines or dust-collecting trinkets that could collect dust!

Bring metal into Scandinavian interior theme design by including brass or copper light fixtures and hardware in light fixtures and hardware, houseplants, flower arrangements and organically shaped wood furniture as key features of Scandinavian style. Textiles featuring floral or nature-inspired patterns as well as decorations that mimic leafs or branches are also characteristic features of this trend.

7. Light

Due to Nordic countries being in darkness for months on end each year, natural lighting is an integral component of Scandinavian design. Windows with clear glass swaths capture every bit of organic illumination while beautiful chandeliers add elegance after sundown.

Light woods are a hallmark of Scandinavian interior theme decor. From walls and furnishings to beech and ash flooring, light woods provide a neutral foundation that pairs nicely with other accents in a room. Simply adding wooden accents in the form of a rug can bring new life to your space or decoratively with bowls or vases may do.

Scandinavian interior theme design often employs minimal patterns and shapes; sweet cross motifs, straight lines, mini chevrons and other simple geometric motifs are perfectly at home in Scandinavian rooms. Don’t hesitate to add fabric patterns that bring visual texture into the space for added interest and visual texture.

8. Plants

Modern Scandinavian interior theme decor incorporates plants to bring nature into an otherwise minimalist space. Foliage plants like Monstera deliciosa or trailing ivy add subtle plant colour that complements minimalist furnishings while simultaneously eliminating airborne contaminants and brightening up rooms without needing extensive maintenance.

Select decorative accents that serve dual functions as storage solutions, like woven baskets and trays. Or choose vases with simple ceramic styles or mouth-blown shapes, along with candles to enhance the Scandinavian interior theme. Leaning or wall-mounted mirrors also add light while giving texture to the room.

Stay true to Scandinavian interior theme aesthetic with light walls and kitchens, or warm neutral colors such as dusty pinks or sea greens as neutral tones. Balance this minimalistic materials with soft textiles such as sheepskin or mohair throws and rugs for warmth in any space.

Scandinavian interior theme

9. Mirrors

Scandinavian interior theme homes frequently use round wall-mounted mirrors to increase natural lighting and add depth, often double-functioning as works of art when framed with ornate details.

Nordic countries experience long, dark winters. To maximize comfort and functionality in their homes, residents need to embrace lagom, or “just right”, an ancient Swedish word meaning “just enough.” This involves clearing away clutter from spaces while only keeping items that serve an intentional purpose in the home.

Scandinavian interior theme homes often display black-and-white art, line drawings, vintage illustrations, botanical prints and location maps on gallery walls to emphasize your personal style and create an curated space. Display these pieces to express yourself while adding character.

10. Accessorizing

Scandinavian interior theme home decor embraces nature-inspired elements through rustic vessels, trays, baskets and bookends to bring rustic charm into their spaces. Rustic vessels help declutter surfaces from clutter while natural scented candles and room sprays add an outdoor element into their surroundings for added ambience and atmosphere.

Wall art is an integral component of Scandinavian interior theme design. Choose monochrome line illustrations, vintage prints or botanical motifs mounted in black or natural wood frames for a striking display.

Furniture that adds an air of charm includes dining tables crafted from light woods such as pine. Scandi-style pieces like George Nelson’s PH lamp or Wishbone or J39 chairs by Hans Wegner add character and add instantaneous interest, while functional items such as plant stands, bowl sets or brass serving trays also can serve as decorative accents.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Scandinavian Interior Design?

When it comes to Scandinavian interior design, common misconceptions include thinking it’s always stark white or cold. In reality, it embraces warmth, natural elements, and minimalism. Don’t overlook its cozy, inviting aspects.

How Can I Incorporate Scandinavian Design Principles Into a Small Living Space?

When decorating a small living space, focus on light colors, minimalism, and functionality. Opt for multi-purpose furniture, utilize natural light, and add cozy textiles for warmth. Keep clutter at bay and embrace simplicity for a harmonious Scandinavian-inspired design.

Are There Any Traditional Scandinavian Colors or Patterns That I Should Avoid Using in My Home?

When choosing colors or patterns for your home, steer clear of anything that clashes with your personal taste or overall design scheme. Trust your instincts and opt for elements that bring you joy and harmony.

What Types of Furniture Are Essential for Achieving a Scandinavian Look?

When aiming for a Scandinavian look, essential furniture includes clean lines, natural materials like wood and leather, and functional pieces that prioritize simplicity and comfort. Stick with neutral colors and minimalistic designs for authenticity.

How Can I Add a Touch of Warmth and Coziness to My Scandinavian-Inspired Home Decor?

To add warmth and coziness to your home decor, incorporate soft textiles like wool rugs and knit throws, opt for warm lighting with lamps and candles, and add natural elements such as wood accents and green plants.


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