Top 10 Innovative Front Door Trends 2024

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Front Door Trends


Your front door makes an important first impression when guests visit. While black, grey, and white remain popular choices for front doors, more homeowners are opting for trendy hues such as sage green.

Large glass doors remain an aesthetically pleasing choice that helps connect indoor and outdoor living areas seamlessly, but full glass doors may be energy inefficient and present security risks.

Top 10 Innovative Front Door Trends 2024

Smart Technology

Eco-awareness and technological innovation are revolutionizing front door trends. Homeowners now prioritize sustainability, functionality and aesthetics when selecting an entryway for their home.

From stylish handles and knockers to full glass panels, homeowners are taking advantage of smart technology available for their entranceway. This includes locking their door with one tap of their smartphone screen, facial recognition or voice activation.

Single wide front door trends with sidelights have also seen an upsurge in popularity due to their sleek lines and minimal aesthetic, preferred by many homeowners. Not only can these doors allow natural light into the home but can be customized further using frosted or etched glass with various patterns even themed carvings that reflect family crests or favourite hobbies can add personalization! Single wide doors with sidelights offer homeowners another opportunity to add curb appeal while showing off their personality.


Front doors are an essential element of home life. They make an impressionful first impression, set the design tone inside and outside, and serve as a statement piece in any landscape design plan.

2024 is set to witness an increasing popularity of ultra-modern front door trends, which offer larger detached contemporary homes a luxurious first impression and present themselves as more fashionable options.

Bespoke and personalized doors have become an increasingly popular front door trends among homeowners, featuring custom finishes, hardware, monograms or house numbers on the door itself.

Pass-through windows found on bi-folding or sliding doors are another effective way to combine indoor and outdoor living, providing natural light into your home while adding aesthetic value and visual interest.

Taller Doors

Removing old-fashioned peep holes and replacing them with taller doors will become one of the hottest trends of 2024. Taller doors provide more light into your home and offer an elegant entranceway.

Glass paned doors have become an increasingly popular front door trend, providing stunning views of your garden while inviting nature inside.

Front doors make a bold statement about who we are and our interior style, reflecting who we are as individuals as well as showing our personality and interior aesthetic. Green has become the color of choice in nine states across America including forest-filled Washington. Additionally, bi-fold and sliding doors have become an increasingly popular way to connect indoor and outdoor space while adding natural lighting into rooms and making a bold statement.

Top 10 Innovative Front Door Trends 2024


As the minimalist movement has gained in popularity, its influence can be seen in front door designs. Minimalism does not equate to owning few items or sparsely decorated homes – minimalism looks different for everyone!

Minimalist front doors boast sleek glass panels that blend in perfectly with Scandinavian decor styles. Their clean lines and connection with nature are further highlighted by natural wood frames.

Opting for a door colour that complements or contrasts with its frame and window sills is another effective way to add minimal flair. A black front door makes an eye-catching statement while remaining timeless.

Single wide doors with sidelights are an elegant solution that matches modern aesthetics. This style makes use of natural lighting, making sustainable living spaces possible while complementing an array of architectural styles.

Oversized Exterior Glass Elements

Oversized exterior glass elements have seen a meteoric surge in popularity. They provide an easy transition from indoors to outdoors while letting in natural light while modernizing an entrance while decreasing privacy risks. A full glass door may not always be the ideal solution as it may lose energy efficiency and pose security threats.

Reeded glass provides an elegant appearance with its attractive texture pattern and enhanced privacy features, making it a popular choice for front doors in homes of all styles and colours.

Bronze doors are an eye-catching trend of 2024, adding a vibrant touch to any entrance with their vibrant pop of colour when combined with natural open grain mahogany veneer and ocean teal malachite semi-precious stone handle. Bronze doors are also great way to tap into one’s inner artist.

Classic Designs and Finishes

Front doors provide an insight into a home’s style and personality. While gray has long been the go-to colour trend, now may be the time to experiment with more vibrant hues like sage green or rich teal which contrast nicely with light exteriors and interior paint tones, or experiment with mixing hues to create visually striking statements such as pairing contrasting hues like dark brown frame with light blue slab for an eye-catching contrast.

Green options are increasingly popular for those looking to enhance energy efficiency and support sustainable living. FSC certified timber or recycled materials make great doors; as do reclaimed or weathered ones. And of course glass panes remain trendy front doors – offering natural lighting while giving an open, modern aesthetic.

Top 10 Innovative Front Door Trends 2024

Bespoke and Personalised

Front doors are an integral component of home exterior design and provide the opportunity to add flair and personality. Current trends feature customized front door designs that express homeowners’ personal styles – for instance monogrammed letters and house numbers are popular options; you could even add interactive touches such as handles that represent hobbies or seasonal carvings for holidays!

Unsmooth doors with frosted glass panels are a 2024 trend that offer ample natural light while making an elegant statement in your entryway. Furthermore, these doors can help blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly through innovative solutions like bi-fold or pass through windows.

Low Maintenance Fiberglass and Steel

Homeowners today are looking for low maintenance solutions when selecting their front doors. Fiberglass and steel front doors have quickly become popular due to their durability, security, energy efficiency, easy cleaning process and contemporary style that complements many architectural styles.

Oversized exterior glass elements are an increasingly popular choice for front doors, providing natural lighting while creating a stunning appearance. Double doors that open directly into the backyard or sidelights that add sophistication can all feature glass elements for optimal light diffusion and style.

An investment in new front doors is one that will not only add curb appeal and increase resale value of your home but can also reflect personal aesthetic and lifestyle choices. By choosing from among 2024 front door trends, you can create an entryway that matches up perfectly with what appeals to you and reflects who you are as an individual.


Add colour to your front door is an effective and straightforward way to enhance the exterior of your home. Pastel doors add a charming element that compliments houses in shades such as tan, white and grey; pastel hues particularly look lovely against these colors. Lilac hues offer an unexpected pop against these neutral backgrounds! Lilac front doors have become particularly fashionable recently.

Soft black front doors remain an iconic classic among homeowners. Their timeless appeal can be tailored to match any house style and any material finish – wood tone or metal alike! Additionally, this door lends itself well to custom hardware such as frosted glass panels and asymmetrical designs; adding your monogram or house number adds further personalization this look especially appeals to homes with modern styles as it offers subtle sophistication.

Front Door Trends

Curb Appeal

Making a statement with your front door can help increase curb appeal in many ways. From vibrant blue hues to subtle grey tones, front doors act as the gateway into your home that greet visitors and welcome them in style.

Glass elements on doors have become an increasingly popular trend that’s projected to continue throughout 2024. They allow natural light to fill an entrance while creating a stunning and elegant statement of entryway presence.

Homeowners seeking an earthy touch should try Behr’s Vine Leaf as an earthy accent shade in their entryway, adding sophistication and refinement while protecting against break-ins. For added modern flair, consider opting for glass paned door with frosted panels instead of full window views for energy savings without losing daylight.

What Are the Best Tips for Maintaining Vibrant Color Choices on Front Door Trends Over Time?

To maintain vibrant color choices on front door trends over time, make sure to use high-quality paint, apply a primer first, and clean the door regularly. Protect it from harsh weather conditions and consider reapplying a fresh coat when needed.

How Can Homeowners Ensure That Sustainable Materials Used in Front Door Construction Are Truly Eco-Friendly?

To ensure sustainable materials in your front door construction are truly eco-friendly, research certifications like FSC or Cradle to Cradle. Look for materials with low VOCs and recycled content. Consult with green building professionals to make informed choices.

Are There Any Potential Privacy Concerns With Tech-Integrated Features on Front Door Trends?

Ensure your privacy with tech-integrated front door trends by researching the data security measures in place. Stay informed about who can access your information and how it’s being used to protect your home and personal data.

How Can Multi-Functional Design Elements on Front Doors Improve Home Security?

Enhance home security by incorporating multi-functional design elements on your front door. Features like smart locks, video doorbells, and motion sensors offer added layers of protection. Stay vigilant and invest in technology for peace of mind.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Incorporate Statement Hardware on Front Doors for Added Curb Appeal?

To enhance curb appeal, consider statement hardware like bold doorknockers or sleek handles. These elements can elevate your front door’s appearance, making a memorable first impression and adding a touch of personality to your home.


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