Wall Decor in Bedroom Interior | 10 Stunning Ideas

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wall decor in bedroom

Bed Room

Decorate a bedroom to reflect your own individuality and taste. From building a niche to hanging tapestries, there are endless ways to add character with brilliant wall decor ideas.

Painted panel walls make an ideal alternative to wallpaper in homes with more classic aesthetics, providing the opportunity for bold color options or texturized paint applications with sponge or comb application.

Following are the 10 ideas for wall decor in bedroom:

Wall-mounted lights

Light fixtures are an integral component of bedroom wall decoration, adding both interest and functionality. StruckSured makes handmade sconces featuring warm antique finish metal that blend seamlessly into most decor schemes.

A gallery wall is another way to add visual interest and personal flair to a room. Use frames of artwork, photographs, or personal trinkets that you treasure to craft an eye-catching display – like this setup from Collected Interiors which features flags and banners as headboards!

Paint can quickly upgrade the style of any room, from quick fixes such as adding stripes if you don’t feel ready to commit to bold hues or are trying to avoid full wall shadings that might be too overwhelming, to vertical painted wall paneling that adds warmth and depth.

Wall Decor in Bedroom Interior | 10 Stunning Ideas

Gallery wall

Your gallery wall should reflect your individual taste with frames of pictures and artwork hung from it. Gallery walls make great additions to hallways, bedrooms and mudrooms where memories and family photos can be displayed proudly on their walls. They’re an easy DIY project you can share with friends to bring color and personality into any home.

Make a gallery wall feel polished by choosing pieces with similar sizes and frame colors, or selecting those with similar themes. Blogger Ashley used her photo wall to create an eye-catching pattern that felt fresh and modern.

Displaying a gallery wall featuring black-and-white photographs can add timeless elegance to your wall decor in bedroom. If the colors seem too overwhelming, try printing all your pictures in grayscale like Date Interiors has done here.


Wall panelling adds texture and charm to any bedroom. A popular choice among homes with farmhouse aesthetic, wall paneling can also create sleek modern looks if desired. Choose between natural wood finishes or paint it your favorite hue for maximum impact!

Add an elegant touch with a wooden-panelled accent wall behind your bed for an eye-catching focal point and to make the ceilings seem higher.

Board and batten wall panels offer another great solution for wall decor in bedrooms. This style utilizes wooden batons to form square patterns on your walls. If desired, smaller boards can even create half-paneled effects to complete this look perfect for adding plants or books! You could pair this decor with a shelf ledge as an added display area.


Wallpaper can be an easy and quick way to decorate your bedroom walls without the commitment of painting, with peel-and-stick options that are easier to take down should your mind change in any way.

If you want something a bit more permanent, try brick architecture built into the walls, or faux stone walls like this master suite by Lone Fox Home. The natural materials provide warmth and earthiness to this tranquil over-bed space.

A gallery wall is an easy and effective way to display artwork, photos and other personal treasures in one central area. Fabric and other materials such as the delicate African Kuba cloths from HAM interiors make an outstanding statement while remaining understated on display. A simple solution that works for all design styles.

Wall decals

Wall decor in bedroom can take many forms, from framed art and textiles to paint shades and custom wallpaper murals. When budget constraints make that impossible, paint shades may do just as well dark hues ground the room, while lighter ones add dimension and lightness.

Patterned wallcoverings can transform any room by acting like an expansive work of art. If you’re uncertain which hue would work best in any given space, peel-and-stick wallpaper offers renter friendly flexibility should your mood change.

Brick walls naturally serve as pieces of art that bring the room together; pairing it with wood, rustic accents and geometric 3D elements for a boho aesthetic is ideal. Hanging an oversized abstract painting or portrait of yourself or loved one above your bed can elevate any space, regardless of style.

Wall Decor in Bedroom Interior | 10 Stunning Ideas

Hanging art

Art can transform an empty wall. Try hanging small frames in an array, or create an art gallery-style arrangement by hanging pieces of different sizes either way don’t forget to plan it all on the floor first and have someone hold the pieces as you plan! Before nailing all those nail holes into place!

Display framed photographs in different shapes and sizes on a wall display, or get creative like this blogger by stretching fabric over a canvas frame to make something truly your own. It is simple and cost-effective while giving each piece its own personal flair!

Grouping artwork together can also make a bold statement, especially when the shape matches that of an elegant headboard or large piece of furniture, such as this tufted camelback sofa. Coordinating colors of pillows and duvet cover add further polish to this bedroom interior design scheme.

Window treatments

Window treatments that double as wall decor in bedroom are an elegant alternative to standard artwork or photo frames. Try training a vine to climb up an empty corner in your bedroom to draw the eye upwards and create an eye-catching focal point in the scheme.

Decorative hooks are an inexpensive yet creative way to bring life and character to your walls. Hang them in rows for an eye-catching gallery wall display or scatter some along a bedroom wall for an inviting cosy vibe that complements soft decor such as blankets and cushions piled high on beds.

If you’re nervous to commit to full wall color changes, adding stripes might be the answer. Interior designer Annie recommends tonal colours as an effective way of subtly nodding towards current trends.

Wall-mounted shelves

There are various fun ways to add wall decor in bedroom. If you want a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, try incorporating decorative wall moldings like those seen here in this monochromatic blush pink bedroom designed by Shapeless Studio.

If you want to add some personal flair to your room, framed photos and art that show off who you are can add an eye-catching focal point like here with soothing sea waves creating a relaxing focal point in a bedroom for someone with an affinity for coastal design.

Modern bedrooms benefit from decorative shelves containing framed art and other objets d’art, circular lighting sconces as an attractive headboard alternative, or open shelving to display books and bedside accessories.


A decorative niche is an eye-catching way to display objects, artwork and more. You can easily build one yourself or purchase one ready-made from stores.

Wall decor in bedroom that showcases personal interests can make it particularly visually pleasing, such as featuring travel photographs on one wall, or an assortment of movie posters in either room. This approach to bedroom decor works particularly well when applied to bedrooms where it allows people to show off their hobbies in an attractive manner. An example would be hanging up framed photographs that commemorate favorite travel spots or an array of movie posters in either gender’s bedroom.

As another easy way of adding decorative flair to your bedroom, try painting an accent wall in a deep color and hanging an eye-catching piece of oversized art above it – this makes an excellent solution for renters, as no electrician needs to be involved!

wall decor in bedroom

Wall art

Wall art doesn’t just mean paintings and photographs. It also comes in the form of wallpaper patterns, room dividers and even rugs! When selecting pieces to adorn your bedroom walls with, keep this in mind: They must reflect both the style of your space while contributing to its sense of restfulness or sensuality.

Create a gallery wall by arranging artwork, photographs and personal items together on one large display wall. Small pieces add individuality while textured wallpaper provides modernity without overwhelming the room.

Brick accent walls can bring warmth and character into any bedroom if they complement existing architectural features, like this scheme by Neptune. Framing artwork minimal so as not to distract from historic beams taking centre stage.

How Can I Incorporate Wall Decor in Bedroom With Limited Wall Space?

To make the most of limited wall space in your bedroom, consider using floating shelves, wall-mounted planters, or a gallery wall with small art pieces. These options can add personality and style without overwhelming the space.

What Are Some Budget-Friendly Options for Creating a Statement Wall Decor in Bedroom With Wallpaper?

To create a statement wall decor in bedroom with wallpaper on a budget, consider using peel-and-stick options, focusing on an accent wall, or choosing a bold pattern for impact. These choices can transform your space without breaking the bank.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines for Arranging Personal Photos on a Gallery Wall in a Bedroom?

When arranging personal photos on a gallery wall in your bedroom, consider mixing frames for visual interest. Start by laying out the arrangement on the floor before hanging. Ensure spacing is balanced and reflects your personal style.

How Can I Prevent Floating Shelves From Looking Cluttered With Decor Items?

To prevent floating shelves from looking cluttered with decor items, focus on minimalism. Select a few meaningful pieces, leave some space between items, and vary heights and textures. Regularly edit and rotate items for a fresh look.

What Are Some Alternative Ways to Use an Oversized Mirror as a Focal Point in a Bedroom?

To make an oversized mirror a focal point in your bedroom, consider leaning it against a wall for a casual look, frame it with string lights for added charm, or position it opposite a window to reflect natural light beautifully.


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