Window Treatments in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Important Ways

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window treatments in bedroom

Bed Room

Window treatments in bedroom are essential components of aesthetic. Not only can they add style and light control, they can also offer privacy in your bedroom space.

Patterned window film can add stylish character and visual interest to any space, while providing an affordable alternative to curtains or drapes.

Window Treatments in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Important Ways


Window treatments are an integral component of any room design, especially bedrooms. Window coverings offer privacy and light control while adding warmth and coziness. In ideal situations, they should add style to a space as well as make it feel welcoming.

Curtains or draperies, are an increasingly popular choice in bedrooms. Constructed of thicker fabric than shades and sold as solid or patterned designs, curtains typically extend past the window frame and drape gracefully to puddle on the floor – though this decision should ultimately be left up to personal style preference.

Option Two is to go for something simpler by opting for shorter curtains that still create an elegant hotel-worthy aesthetic, yet are easier to maintain and clean up after than their fuller counterparts. They work best in rooms featuring neutral color schemes.


Drapes add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom windows, providing privacy and light control in ways never imagined. Perfect alone or combined with blinds or shades for maximum style and functionality, drapes add dimension and interest to window treatment ideas for your bedroom windows.

Drapes (or draperies) are heavy fabrics sold in pairs that hang from a rod, sometimes reaching up to the ceiling and sometimes just below window frames. There are various styles of drapes ranging from sheer to room-darkening with different colors, patterns, and textures available.

If your color story has an overwhelming hue, embrace its aesthetic with draperies featuring patterns like those found at sea-derived green color scheme pictured here. Your Gotcha Covered design expert can assist in finding options which perfectly meet your individual preferences.


Your bedroom should be an intimate retreat where you can unwind and show your individuality, and window treatments are one effective way of accomplishing this.

Drapes and blinds are popular window treatment choices, offering an array of opacities, fabrics and styles. A Gotcha Covered design expert can assist in narrowing down your choices to select a fabric, color or pattern that perfectly complements your room.

Bedroom window treatments should provide light control and privacy, making blinds an excellent option to help achieve both goals. They can easily adjust throughout the day to let in natural light while blocking outside noise or light at night, providing total darkness when desired. Blinds also work great for basements, kitchens and bathrooms where moisture levels and wear-and-tear are high; their easy maintenance makes cleaning up easy while resisting mildew stains or dirt accumulation – ideal choices in terms of both control and appearance!


Shutters are an elegant and functional window treatment option perfect for bedrooms. Offering privacy while blocking sunlight, these window coverings can be adjusted horizontal slats which tilt open or closed when desired providing optimal privacy without blocking light completely. Commonly constructed from hard materials with multiple finishes suitable for any decor style available today, shutters offer modern yet timeless style when applied properly to any window in any bedroom setting.

Curtains add texture and color to a bedroom interior, adding pattern or print that enhances its design theme. Blackout curtains can also provide restful sleep by blocking light.

Many homeowners opt to layer their window treatments, mixing blinds with drapes or curtains to achieve a look that’s both stylish and practical. A Gotcha Covered designer can guide you through all available styles until finding something that perfectly complements your space and needs.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds offer flexible lighting control without anyone being able to peep through any gaps between each slat. Venetians work great in rooms that need constant natural light but also offer ample coverage where sunlight may not be desired, such as home offices and kitchens.

Add fabric privacy tape (in colors that match your blinds) for even greater privacy options, covering each slat gap to keep nosy people at bay and keeping intruders out of your personal space.

Layering window treatments in bedroom creates an elegant, refined appearance while increasing privacy and light control abilities. Combine shutters or shades with curtains or blackout lining for dramatic effect in any room.

Window Treatments in Bedroom Interior Design | 10 Important Ways

Roman Shades

Roman shades add an elegant, finished touch to bedroom windows. Available as both inside-mounts and outside-mounts, they can be mounted inside or outside-mounted on their own or together with drapes to create a gorgeous window display. Roman shades go well with both contemporary and traditional decor styles alike.

Flat Belgian Flax Linen Roman shades in fluted linen tan work beautifully with minimalist decor, while adding depth and dimension with sage green depth shades or monochrome blackout curtains is ideal.

Add blackout linings to Roman shades for privacy and temperature regulation, such as Vignette Duolite modern Roman shades from Vignette Duolite modern Roman Shades for this capability, which allows a light-filtering or sheer front shade to be pulled back behind a room darkening liner on one roller. It is an ideal solution for bedrooms where light diffusion needs coexist with privacy considerations.

Sheer Shadings

Sheer window treatments in bedroom provide privacy while still letting in soft light. Paired with other forms of window coverings like drapes or blinds, sheer curtains add texture to any room they decorate.

Traditional sheer shades are great for providing privacy while brightening up any room instantly, but for added layered design opt for banded shear shades which can be adjusted between opaque and sheer fabrics for even greater impact.

Venetian blinds feature adjustable horizontal slats to create a sleek and streamlined appearance that fits in well with both classic and contemporary decor. Easy to keep clean, Venetian blinds provide UV ray protection more subtly than curtains while their minimalist structure lends itself to more advanced motorized mechanisms that eliminate cords for safer storage solutions.

Velvet Drapes

No bedroom feels complete without an attractive window display, whether or not blinds or curtains have been added. Bare windows certainly add charm, but adding blinds or curtains can give your space an inviting, layered aesthetic while offering greater light control and privacy.

Velvet drapes will bring any bedroom design style to life – be it boho-chic or more refined whether your aim is a bohemian vibe or more refined appearance. Choose a dark shade for an opulent feel or go lighter for an airy and welcoming ambience.

Layer blackout shades such as cellular or roller shades with velvet drapery for an eye-catching, finished look in your bedroom that takes style and functionality to new heights. This style works especially well in rooms that feature specific aesthetics like this sea-themed bedroom featuring its sandy hues, seafoam green paint hue, linen comforter details, and lime wash finish paint finish.

Roller Shades

Day or night, your bedroom may need to feel bright and airy; then at night it should provide the calming comfort of privacy and darkness. Your window treatments in bedroom should allow for this seamless transition between settings.

Curtains are one of the most sought-after window treatment ideas for bedrooms, offering soft yet tactile aesthetic that helps create relaxing environments. If you prefer moodier ambience, drapery in darker colors or sheer designs with room darkening capabilities such as Silhouette ClearViewTM Shadings may provide additional atmosphere altering capabilities.

Layer your curtains and blackout roller shades to achieve a striking aesthetic, as seen in this modern bedroom designed by Gotcha Covered. Not only does this combination create an eye-catching aesthetic, it can also reduce energy loss while maintaining the desired temperature. Talk with a design expert at your local Gotcha Covered store about the latest options for these energy-saving window coverings!

window treatments in bedroom

Shutters with Patterns

Your bedroom should be an inviting sanctuary that expresses your unique style and personality, so choosing window treatment options that complement this design scheme is key.

At Gotcha Covered, our design experts know exactly how to complement many styles with the perfect drapery solution for each room. Together, they’ll guide you through fabric selections, color possibilities and other considerations until they find something that perfectly complements the atmosphere in each space.

Shutters add stylish wooden character to windows, making them the ideal window dressing solution for large and small spaces alike. Offering complete privacy and light control throughout the day and the ability to create different atmospheres throughout the year, they make an excellent addition for traditional or contemporary design styles alike!

Are Blackout Curtains Necessary for a Bedroom, or Are There Other Options for Blocking Out Light Effectively?

You don’t necessarily need blackout curtains for a bedroom. Other effective options include room-darkening shades or blinds. These options can block out light effectively and provide a cozy environment for better sleep.

How Do I Ensure My Window Treatments In Bedroom Provide Enough Privacy Without Blocking Out Too Much Natural Light?

Make sure your window treatments in bedroom offer privacy by choosing options like blinds or sheer curtains. Consider adjustable options for controlling light levels throughout the day. Strike a balance between privacy and natural light for a cozy space.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Incorporate Window Treatments In Bedroom Design Without Traditional Curtains or Blinds?

To creatively incorporate window treatments in bedroom design without traditional curtains or blinds, try using frosted or stained glass, decorative film, or bamboo shades. These options add style and privacy while letting in natural light.

Can Window Treatments Help Improve the Energy Efficiency of a Bedroom, and if So, What Options Are Best for This Purpose?

To improve energy efficiency in your bedroom, consider window treatments like cellular shades or thermal curtains. These options help regulate temperature, reduce drafts, and save on heating and cooling costs. Upgrade your window coverings for a cozy and efficient space.

How Can I Incorporate Window Treatments In Bedroom With an Unusual Window Shape or Size?

To incorporate window treatments for an unusual window shape or size in your bedroom, consider custom options. Tailoring blinds, shades, or curtains to fit precisely can enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your space effectively.


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