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Saw Bathroom


The bathroom trap from Saw is one of the most memorable in the franchise, consisting of two victims chained in an overly filthy bathroom and given rusty hacksaws as punishment for either cutting off their feet or starvation.

The trap has made multiple appearances throughout the series of movies. Notably, Adam used it to beat Zep Hindle in Saw X without it becoming damaged; yet its lid remained undamaged despite having been destroyed in Saw.

The Set

The Saw bathroom became such an integral part of its franchise that it reappeared in every film to follow including most recently in Saw X.

Adam used the toilet tank lid to strike Zep Hindle in the first film but it appears fully intact in the new one, likely due to a continuity error.

Kevin Greutert, director of Saw X, recently confirmed that the set for that film remains intact as reconstruction would be too labor-intensive. Additionally, there are plans for more films in the series; perhaps we might see that bathroom again in future installments! Keep your eyes peeled!

Saw Bathroom [Movie] | Top 10 Amazing Elements

The Location

The Saw bathroom trap scene is one of the series’s most memorable scenes, often returning in later films. Though exactly where it takes place is unknown, most likely involving an abandoned factory or warehouse.

Jigsaw had Adam Stanheight and Lawrence Gordon chained to each other by the ankles, taped onto pipes on either side, in a basement bathroom in order to give them time to kill each other before six o’clock, or otherwise his family would perish.

Armed with guns, but unable to reach them due to shackles, their only means of escape was cutting off their own feet with hacksaws found in the toilet – but these weren’t sharp enough to cut through their chains leaving Zep without his weapon which has since vanished from sight.

The Characters

Jigsaw’s iconic Saw bathroom trap from the original movie remains one of his most memorable games and is beloved by audiences everywhere. Conceived as an inverted bear trap that snaps open instead of clamping shut, it serves to kill multiple victims in this franchise.

Dr. Lawrence Gordon and photographer Adam Stanheight are two participants in this trap, chained to bathtubs with instructions tapes awaiting them; Lawrence must kill Adam by 6 pm or his family will perish as well.

Adam’s saw snapped, forcing the men to attempt cutting through their chains without success. Zep Hindle attempted to enter the bathroom to kill them but Gordon managed to disarm him with the toilet tank lid before killing him himself.

The Trap

The Bathroom Trap, featured prominently in Saw, is an underground industrial restroom where victims would be chained to pipes with no possible way out except hacking their feet off as a means of escape.

This saw bathroom is filled with mechanical traps designed to kill. There are two sinks, urinals and toilets along with several installations of pipes on the walls as well as two-way mirrors by each sink and clocks on the wall not forgetting two rusty hacksaws with hearts drawn on them located within its toilet tank!

Jigsaw instructed Gordon in a tape he provided him that revealed Adam had to be killed before six o’clock or else his daughter and wife would die. Unfortunately, the hacksaws available weren’t sharp enough to cut through Adam’s chains, prompting him to break one in frustration.

The Final Twist

Since 2002, two men were held prisoner by pipes in a filthy bathroom and told they must kill each other or their families would perish; they were provided rusty hacksaws as weapons of death.

Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell’s characters, Doctor Gordon and Adam Stanheight were abducted by serial killer Jigsaw who used flashbacks to explain that his victims played his devious games.

Jigsaw also recruited hospital orderly Zep Hindle (Michael Emerson). When Hindle threatened Gordon and his family with death, Gordon managed to saw off one foot himself; only for Jigsaw himself to emerge later and take control of their dead bodies! Kevin Greutert recently confirmed that Kevin’s set remained intact as rebuilding it would have been too labor-intensive a task.

Saw Bathroom [Movie] | Top 10 Amazing Elements

The Hacks

The Saw bathroom trap has become one of the signature elements in it’s classic franchise, offering up both simplicity and breathtaking suspense.

Two victims are locked into a filthy bathroom, chained to pipes and given rusty hacksaws as weapons against hunger. Either they must saw off their own feet in order to escape or die of starvation.

Gordon found a key clue in the bathroom during his quest to save his family. A recording instructed him to search the toilet tank for answers; here he found his chains unlocked by cauterizing his foot with steaming pipe, enabling him to escape and bring Adam help from jail. Once free, Gordon ran into Jigsaw who provided numerous more traps; it has become one of Saw’s signature plotlines and remains highly memorable today.

The Reactions

The Saw Bathroom Trap is one of the most iconic scenes from all three franchise films. With its combination of simplicity and unexpected plot twist, it has become one of the show’s signature scenes that audiences have come back to multiple times. While most Jigsaw traps involve junkies or philanderers committing illicit sexual acts against each other, The Bathroom’s misogynistic setting provides two men a chance at fight over a woman.

Saw X is a constant reminder of Adam’s brutal and violent acts toward Zep Hindle from the previous film; even after it disintegrated entirely. Additionally, its toilet tank lid remains undamaged from Adam using it against Zep Hindle while remaining intact throughout. Additionally, its door slides open and closes easily as before while there’s still an alarm clock above one of the sink mirrors hiding two rusty hacksaws as reminders. Almost like Jigsaw himself built this set for this purpose!

The Visuals

Saw bathroom traps remain one of its signature scenes and helped cement its reputation as a gory horror hit. Two victims photographer Adam and oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon – are chained together in an overrun bathroom and given rusty hacksaws in preparation for being caught by it.

Kevin Greutert of Saw X director has confirmed that the original saw bathroom set still exists in an undisclosed location and will likely be used again for future movies in which it features.

Notably, although Adam used a toilet tank lid to strike Zep Hindle with in Saw, which was broken, in Saw X it appears unbroken possibly due to continuity errors.

The Reactions to the Hacks

Many of the traps in Saw are logistically complex; however, one particular trap stands out as being character and story driven: The Saw Bathroom. Here two men must face off over an object they both love at once!

No one can win in a fight, so each must sacrifice one of his feet as part of an intense and punishing test that forces both men to realize that brute force cannot prevail something Jigsaw was very thoughtful in making sure that his victims experienced. This trap has been used multiple times since, most recently in Saw X.

Saw Bathroom

The Final Twist

The first Saw movie’s plot may seem simple in comparison with Jigsaw’s complicated game that follows, yet still ends on an unexpected and satisfying note. How the film weaves Gordon into Jigsaw’s mythology was both original and engagingly satisfying.

Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) and Adam Stanheight (co-writer Leigh Whannell) awaken chained to pipes in an unpleasant bathroom with a dead body between them, unaware that they’ve been kidnapped by serial killer Jigsaw, known for torturing his victims into playing his tortuous games. A tape revealed this fact; its voice on it ordered Gordon to kill Adam by 6 am or his family will die; thankfully there were hacksaws available allowing for one of cinema’s greatest twist endings ever.

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