Wainscoting Bathroom | Top 10 Amazing Ideas

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Wainscoting bathroom


Wainscoting bathroom style provides, durability and craftsmanship all-in-one package it serves as the quiet backbone of your bathroom, holding up against spills while adding subtle elegance.

Create an eye-catching space in your bathroom by opting for monochromatic colors for your wainscoting, such as this green space by Leanne Ford Interiors that features both traditional tiles and vertical shiplap for a modern farmhouse powder room.

Classic Beadboard

Installing traditional wainscot or beadboard in your bathroom will give it a classic cottage aesthetic. To install it, start by removing any baseboards or caps that might get in the way. Next use a level to scribe a line at your desired height before taking steps such as unplugging any electrical boxes and pipes for a tight fit and using an accurate level to scribe that line on your wall.

Louis Duncan-He Designs installed a half wall of vertical shiplap for a modern bathroom to create a textured wainscoting effect, serving also as a wrap-around backsplash. Painting the walls above with matching colors adds continuity; for an alternative approach try installing a painted penny tile half wall instead.

Wainscoting Bathroom | Top 10 Amazing Ideas

Painted Penny Tile Half Wall

Penny tiles add an understated, textural charm to any bathroom. First used in the early 1900s as nonslip bathroom flooring, today these tiny tiles can also be seen accenting backsplashes; here they make an impactful statement against a half wall housing mirror and washstand cabinet.

Stencilling penny tile can be done easily and the options for design are nearly limitless. To create this effect, apply a contrasting paint and stencil your design over it Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black is used here over white penny tile to achieve this lovely powder room look.

Although columns don’t usually spring to mind when installing tile, these round porcelain tiles fit beautifully around this home’s curved pillar. A similar effect could be created by covering a fireplace with the same material; all it takes to achieve it is making sure the radius of a curve aligns with the diameter of penny tile.

Textured Tiles

Wainscots are more than mere wall coverings; they’re versatile design tools that can adapt to fit any space. Even ultramodern bathrooms can benefit from this classic feature; simply switching up colors can take traditional paneling in an altogether fresh direction.

Navy blue adds dramatic impact to any bathroom space, as shown by this chic space from Sissy + Marley Interiors. It draws the eye upward and complements the botanical wallpaper on one wall perfectly.

Create depth with your wainscoting by mixing intricate tile patterns into it. Round penny tiles offer a fun alternative to beadboard and create an eye-catching graphic pattern that’s visually interesting. Pair it with marble countertops for an upscale bathroom design; moisture-resistant textures can also help conceal water stains or smudges over time.

Modern Shiplap

Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal creates the ideal atmosphere for creating a cozy cottage-style atmosphere in any bathroom space, as seen here by Salvesen Graham in their bathroom design. Additionally, paneling acts as an elegant backdrop for bold patterns like in their design by Salvesen Graham.

Wainscoting can take on a modern touch by being installed horizontally instead of vertically, as seen here with Chango & Co’s powder room featuring white horizontal shiplap half walls that visually expand their small space.

Paint the wainscoting bathroom the same hue as your walls to make a striking statement, creating an impressive monochromatic scheme that feels polished and cohesive. The effect is enhanced when the paneling is made from moisture-resistant cellular PVC or solid surfacing material such as quartz – this material makes an especially dramatic statement and makes bathrooms with children safer as it’s both hygienic and water resistant! For an eye-catching finish pair the look with black textured or patterned wallpaper for extra drama!

Textured Floor Tiles

Framing bathroom entrances with beadboard panels or batten wainscoting is an elegant way to elevate this often utilitarian space. Choose darker hues for farmhouse charm, or opt for lighter ones to accentuate height. For added drama pair textured paneling with brass fixtures and accessories for dramatic results.

Go beyond beadboard for an eye-catching finish try opting for recessed panel bathroom wainscoting to bring life to the wall pattern! Black wainscot stands out in small bathrooms and makes the space appear larger.

Ashley Montgomery Design used half-wall tile tiled with mosaic patterns for an updated take on wainscoting in this shower and half wall-tile wainscoting design in their white bathroom, layering this style with patterned wallpaper to add visual interest and contrast. In addition, this bathroom also benefits from natural texture from tile floors underneathfoot.

Wainscoting Bathroom | Top 10 Amazing Ideas

Purposeful Shelf

Wainscoting bathroom is typically installed vertically, but that doesn’t limit your creativity! A horizontal board and batten design creates warmth in the room and draws focus to your vanity, drawing more attention.

Adding luxurious details to your bathroom is simple with textured tile wainscoting. Play around with different colors and patterns until you find what works for your space.

Be it modern sophistication or farmhouse charm, wainscoting can easily fit into your home’s design scheme. Take your walls one step further by raising it closer to the ceiling like this navy blue bathroom from Timber Trails Homes with its vibrant color and textured paneling creating a striking focal point without overshadowing other parts of the space. Plus it pairs nicely with vibrant wallpaper patterns!

Monochromatic Paint

Leverage the natural look of wood for an eye-catching bathroom paneling idea that’s both rustic and refined. Try painting your panels a deep aubergine color such as Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal to achieve cottage charm, or go with lighter colors above the picture rail to emphasize height.

Blue and green hues can add an air of relaxation and thoughtfulness, according to scientific studies. One example is this powder room from Chango & Co with white horizontal shiplap half wall wainscoting that perfectly compliments its hand-painted black-and-white buffalo check wallpaper.

Pairing wainscoting and floor tile together adds visual interest and unifies the design of a bathroom, such as this modern one by Louis Duncan-He designs featuring marble countertops that coordinate well with its luxurious tile wainscoting and create an extravagant ambience.

Vertical Wainscoting

Wainscoting not only protects walls from water damage, it adds an elegant flair to a bathroom. Choose traditional grooved style for an inviting cabin-inspired space or sleek shiplap for a sleek contemporary style you can even play around with colors to express yourself! Wainscoting adds the perfect personal touch!

Tongue and Groove Wainscoting bathroom: This trendy design utilizes narrow panels that fit together with protruding tongues that slide into receiving grooves on adjacent boards to form an eye-catching stripe pattern.

Flat Panel Wainscoting bathroom: This style features a smooth front, which makes it suitable for modern or contemporary designs.

Before installing panels, use a digital stud finder to locate and mark all electrical and pipe holes. Sand, prime and paint them according to your design goals before adding trim pieces around the top edge for an attractive appearance.

Patterned Penny Tile

Wainscoting was traditionally made from wood; however, modern wainscoting options include plywood, plastics, MDF (medium density fiberboard) and even tile for your bathroom wainscoting project. Your choice will affect both its look and durability make sure it features moisture-resistant finishes especially in wet environments like bathrooms!

Introducing something bold into your bathroom wainscoting can give it more texture, visual interest, and style – two options provided by Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona blogger who used white painted wainscoting with botanical wallpaper to achieve an eye-catching yet timeless design. Even her cabinets match its hue for an effortlessly pulled-together aesthetic!

Wainscoting bathroom

Textured Floor Tiles

Dark wainscoting bathroom adds drama and sophistication to your environment, whether you want to frame a mirror or create an eye-catching feature in the tub zone. Constructed of moisture-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it will withstand spills while adding an element of elegance.

If you want a contemporary touch in your bathroom, add taller wainscotting. Varana Morengo Decor’s idea creates a sculptural effect in the space and tricks the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher.

Coupling wainscot with vanity cabinetry creates a uniform aesthetic. Leanne Ford Interiors’ design uses traditional wainscot with vertical black-and-white-striped wallpaper for an eye-catching mix of old and new; additionally, this color combination allows big print wallpaper to fit seamlessly in small bathrooms.

Can Wainscoting Bathroom Be Installed in Limited Space?

Yes, wainscoting can be installed in a bathroom with limited space. It adds character and protection to walls. Consider using narrower panels or opting for a half-wall design to make the most of the available space.

What Color Options Work Best for Small Bathrooms?

For small bathrooms, light colors like soft blues, pale greens, or creamy whites can help create a more spacious feel. Consider using pastel shades or neutrals to brighten up the space and make it appear larger.

Is Wainscoting Bathrooms Suitable for High Humidity?

Yes, wainscoting bathrooms are suitable for high humidity. It can protect walls from moisture damage and add a stylish touch to your space. Ensure proper sealing and maintenance to keep it looking great.

How Can Wainscoting Bathroom Be Incorporated Into a Modern Design?

Incorporate wainscoting bathroom into modern design by choosing sleek, minimalist panels for a contemporary look. Pair it with bold colors or geometric patterns to create a stylish contrast. Consider using waterproof materials for longevity.

Are There Budget-Friendly Options for Wainscoting Bathrooms?

If you’re looking for budget-friendly wainscoting options for your bathroom, consider using beadboard panels, vinyl wainscoting, or painting a faux wainscoting design directly on the wall. These alternatives can achieve a stylish look without breaking the bank.


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