Incorporating Artwork and Wall Decor in Living Room | 10 Dynamic Ways

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Display a selection of your favorite photos on the wall, mixing candid snapshots such as swimming in the pool or preschool graduations with some framed portraits for an eye-catching display.

Create an eclectic gallery wall using various frame shapes and sizes for an eclectic feel, or select one style for a monochromatic vibe.

Incorporating Artwork and Wall Decor in Living Room | 10 Dynamic Ways

1. Hang a Statement Piece

An impressive piece of wall decor can easily elevate your living room decor and make a bold statement. Hang it close to furniture and proportionate to its size on the wall this makes an especially dramatic impactful statement!

When selecting your piece, keep the color palette of your living space in mind; accent colors often work well against more muted hues but consider toning down rich hues by including neutral or black and white prints as an alternative solution.

If you’re feeling intimidated by bold wallpaper or murals, create an eye-catching feature wall using uniform frames and decorative objects such as vintage book pages framed as modern art or mounted keys, jewelry and silverware in groups.

Mirrors double up nicely as wall decor while making small rooms seem larger or brightening up dark corners of a room.

2. Create a Gallery Wall

Establishing a gallery wall is an easy and affordable way to bring visual interest into any living room. For an eclectic aesthetic, mix up sizes and styles when hanging the works on your gallery wall; or choose similar artwork with matching frames.

Studio Peake used rows of black-and-white drawings hung against blue walls in this London bedroom to contrast against its white walls and add polish.

If you’re having difficulty with how to arrange your pieces, try laying them out on the floor before nailing nails into the wall. Or use an app like 1stDibs View on Wall to get an idea of what your gallery will look like, while also calculating eye level placement for each piece.

Templates may make things even simpler if your gallery includes many frames of differing sizes or types.

3. Go Bold with Wallpaper

Artwork and wall decor can add the perfect finishing touches to your living room, but it must complement other elements in the space such as furniture and lighting. If you’re unsure what pieces would go well together, try mixing and matching to create an eye-catching aesthetic.

Although this bold blue wallpaper may not work in an entire room, it makes an eye-catching statement on an accent wall. Paired with traditional artwork and gallery wall components to keep things balanced.

Faux taxidermy heads add charm and personality to modern living rooms. They pair especially well when combined with earthy colors and sheepskin rugs, or used as wall art! Hanging tall glass cylinder vases filled with various objects for instance displaying different balls or filling them with pinecones may also serve as creative solutions.

Incorporating Artwork and Wall Decor in Living Room | 10 Dynamic Ways

4. Utilize Original Objects

Beginning the decor of your living room with art can often be beneficial. Not only can it set the atmosphere and determine your color palette, but it can also add beauty, emotion, and character to the space.

Decor objects are an effective way to add visual interest and texture to a living room wall, whether by matching its colors or standing out against them.

Devin Kirk of Studio D has created an eye-catching living room by hanging an eye-catching botanical print against a moody blue shiplap wall as an eye-catching focal point. Reclaimed wood coffee tables and tree stump end tables add organic flair, while an additional throw blanket ladder completes this cozy atmosphere.

Make sure you maintain consistent spacing when hanging frames on photo walls to maintain an appealing balance in appearance.

5. Make a Statement with Large Artwork

There are various ways you can incorporate large art work into your living room. You could hang one piece as the centerpiece or create a gallery wall to highlight your individuality and personal taste. Or add an eye-catching triptych for extra interest and dimension in any living room space.

Be certain the wall art fits within its environment by making sure it fits comfortably within furniture and wall space, as well as at a height which enables viewing from an easily seated position.

Either way, it is vital to carefully consider whether a frame will enhance a piece of artwork. Symmetry looks polished; mixing prints and paintings of various styles together can add an eclectic charm. When hanging frames art, use a ruler or similar tool to ensure consistent spacing this will help achieve an organized appearance.

6. Hang a Painting on a Narrow Wall

If you need something to grab attention on a narrow wall, a large painting makes an impressive statement. Its vertical lines add movement and expand your room visually.

Tapestries offer another unique solution for filling space. These fabric wall hangings are large in size and offer an exciting alternative to traditional artwork. Framed photo prints make an excellent way of celebrating family memories; consider framing candid photos from a vacation at the beach or your child’s preschool graduation for a wall gallery wall that will bring smiles every time you enter your living room!

Create an eclectic aesthetic by layering different-sized frames together, as well as placing paintings and prints on picture ledges these less protruding shelves can be customized to match the aesthetic of any living room decor style.

Incorporating Artwork and Wall Decor in Living Room | 10 Dynamic Ways

7. Go Casual with Sporting Equipment

When selecting wall decor for your living room, don’t limit yourself to just artwork or prints framed behind glass. Mount or lean objects on the wall for an unusual and casual touch surfboards make a unique and eye-catching choice when mounted with contemporary wooden mounts!

Display your favorite plants on the wall to add a pop of color and life to any room, whether using bohemian macrame plant hangers or sleek glass cylinders either way it will create the illusion of greenery without needing windowsills!

For those with a more minimal and minimalist aesthetic, create a gallery wall featuring modern art pieces with clean, crisp lines. Combine them with sculptural objects for an eye-catching display.

8. Go Dynamic with Sculptural Objects

Think outside the box when decorating your living room wall decor! Instead of opting for traditional paintings and prints, try displaying sculptural objects instead. They can either be displayed as in an arrangement like that shown here, or they can even simply hang alone on their own hooks.

Tapestries or fabric hangings make ideal wall art options as they’re less cumbersome than larger works of art and add texture and color to a room.

Add an eye-catching mural for an impressive decorative statement. This show-stopping scene from India boasts subtle beauty and depth to the living space.

If your walls are already full, consider using them to display collections of personal effects. This approach works particularly well in spaces featuring unique architectural features like brick or wood paneling walls.

Wall Decor

9. Think Outside the Box with Decor That Bounces Light

Sometimes a room needs that extra something special to add personality and style, and wall decor does just that with options ranging from plaques and posters to more unique forms.

A gallery wall doesn’t always need to be organized into an exact grid pattern, but it should still feature frames spaced evenly. This creates an appealing and organized appearance.

Alternatively, if you love beaches, try using framed aerial photos as a way of bringing that experience home with you. Or if you are an accomplished musician who enjoys music-themed decor items as a means to showcase their passion.

Mirrors can add interest and depth to a living room by reflecting ambient lighting while also drawing the eye towards paintings or posters hanging on walls. If you want something truly eye-catching, try hanging several in a row above a sofa; it will instantly make the space seem larger!

10. Create a Focal Point

Focal points are designed to draw people’s eyes when entering a room. They could include built-in features like a fireplace or objects that stand out, like sculptures.

Focus point decor should always blend in seamlessly with the overall design and color scheme of a room. For instance, if you have an oversized piece of art hanging above your sofa, select other wall pieces such as smaller decorative pieces or an accent wall that complement it to complete its effect.

Focusing your living room around an eye-catching focal point can completely transform its aesthetic. From beginning fresh or just freshening up an existing room, Star Furniture’s tips can help you design one with unique and eye-catching appeal. Make use of the rule of thirds by positioning furniture symmetrically around focal points using angles, as well as making sure that there are no obstructions that draw eyes toward it.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Incorporate Artwork and Wall Decor in a Living Room Without Using Traditional Frames?

You can explore unique methods like using clipboards, washi tape, or hanging textiles to display artwork without traditional frames. Get creative with shadow boxes, floating shelves, or even a gallery wall arrangement for an artistic touch.

How Can I Ensure That the Artwork and Wall Decor in My Living Room Complement the Overall Color Scheme and Style of the Space?

To ensure your artwork complements your living room’s color scheme and style, consider choosing pieces that harmonize with existing hues. Use accent colors from your wall decor in the artwork and opt for cohesive themes to tie the room together.

Are There Any Rules or Guidelines to Follow When It Comes to Hanging Multiple Pieces of Artwork or Wall Decor Together in a Cohesive Way?

When hanging multiple pieces of artwork or wall decor together, aim for balance in size, spacing, and theme. Mix different sizes and shapes for visual interest. Consider a common color palette or style to tie everything together for a cohesive look.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Display Three-Dimensional or Sculptural Pieces as Part of My Living Room Decor?

When thinking of displaying three-dimensional or sculptural pieces in your living room, consider using floating shelves, shadow boxes, or wall-mounted cubbies. These methods can add depth and visual interest to your decor while showcasing your unique pieces.

How Can I Incorporate Personal Photographs or Custom Artwork Into My Living Room Decor Without It Looking Out of Place?

To incorporate personal photographs or custom artwork into your living room decor without it looking out of place, consider creating a gallery wall, mixing sizes and frames, or using floating shelves to display them creatively and uniquely.


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