Mid Century Modern Bedrooms | 10 Important Elements

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mid century modern bedroom

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Mid century modern bedroom is an increasingly popular design style that emphasizes organic materials with clean lines, making it an excellent way to bring a personal touch to your space.

In order to achieve a timeless midcentury modern aesthetic, opt for neutral colors with pops of contrasting accent colors. When adding natural elements such as wood and woven fabrics into your decor scheme.

Mid Century Modern Bedrooms | 10 Important Elements

1. Choose the right colors

Color is an integral element in mid century modern design. Look for neutral tones with various shades such as the warm beiges and browns seen here in various hues to create an upscale environment. Add accent colors that complement these neutral tones, such as this bedroom’s cobalt upholstered headboard and orange seating to complete its sophisticated appearance.

Natural wood tones add depth and character to a room, as can be seen with dressers and nightstands with wooden accents incorporating them. A smooth wood finish adds a sleek texture that completes a timeless aesthetic.

Add hero elements, such as this bedroom’s tufted moss-green upholstered bed and brass wall sconces, to draw the eye away from its simplicity. Donning retro accessories like vintage alarm clocks or record players adds another dimension of personality into the mix!

2. Add a statement rug

Rugs are one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform any bedroom. “Rugs can often set the tone for any given space,” according to Kemper of State and Season Home Design and Supply. Opt for one with organic patterns in earthy tones for maximum impact in this style.

Use accent pillows, painted furniture or woven baskets to break up an otherwise monochromatic color scheme – for instance orange and blue pop against white shiplap walls and cream carpeting in this bedroom!

Wood pieces such as an armchair and Umbria Chair help give this bedroom an updated aesthetic. Incorporate natural wood tones in dressers and nightstands for an effortless blend of form-meets-function. Finally, consider adding indoor plants for some added greenery in this bedroom space.

3. Add a few pops of color

Add modern flair to your mid century bedroom by accessorizing it with vibrant throw pillows and unique accessories that serve as focal points in the space. They can help bring it all together!

Add warmth to your mid century modern style by using warm accent colors like reds, oranges, and greens as focal points in your space. Bring wood into the mix through furniture pieces like Parker credenzas or flared-leg desks; even altering knobs or handles on dressers or bedside tables can give them an updated mid century modern vibe!

Plants can add an instant burst of color to any bedroom. Opt for hardy varieties like cheese, rubber and snake plants that require minimal care such as cheese or rubber plants and arrange them on window sills, furniture pieces such as side tables or dressers for maximum impact.

Mid Century Modern Bedrooms | 10 Important Elements

4. Keep things simple

Be wary when adding bright or bold hues; your bedroom should be an environment for restful restful sleeping, not chaos! For a serene look, keep colors soothing and neutral for the best result.

To add contrast, try mixing solid linens with patterned accent pillows. Also consider textured accent rugs and mismatched nightstands as ways to bring dimension into your space.

Metal accents such as brushed brass or bronze can add visual texture and visual interest to any room. Lucy Small from State and Season Home Design and Supply suggests incorporating such metals into lighting design as another means of adding contrast.

Mid Century Modern furniture can be an effective way to express yourself. Take this bedroom from Jamie Bush + Co; its vintage rattan flower headboard adds a unique and playful mid century modern style that makes a statement about who you are.

5. Add natural light

Build an ideal mid century modern bedroom by choosing natural lighting carefully. Since this style often includes large windows, choose window treatments that allow light into your room without detracting from its sleek aesthetic.

Look for ceiling lighting with low profiles made of natural materials like wood that will complement the furnishings in your bedroom.

Katie Simpson of H3K Design recommends adding walnut stained bedroom pieces for a traditional aesthetic and incorporating different textures throughout your space – try woven accent pieces such as benches or wooden shelves; also introduce greenery via potted plants like snake plants or fiddle leaf figs as this gives an easy modern touch that won’t need much maintenance!

6. Add a touch of texture

When creating a cozy environment in your mid century modern bedroom, incorporating textures is key to setting an inviting ambiance. Throw pillows that complement one another are an easy way to bring warmth into any space; alternatively you could try mixing up fabrics for an unexpected twist.

Add some geometry to your room for an eye-catching touch with geometric accents! From wallpaper and pillows, to curtains with geometric designs that bring contrast in both shapes and colors. Incorporating geometric accents will give your space an interesting modern and cozy design.

Add an instant splash of color with wooden accent pieces such as tables or chairs made from natural wood tones – they will compliment the warm tones found in mid century modern furniture and complete the overall aesthetic in your bedroom.

Mid Century Modern Bedrooms | 10 Important Elements

7. Keep it simple

Mid century modern bedrooms are simple yet cozy spaces, featuring clean lines and minimalist designs that blend in well with various styles. Plush area rugs, blankets and decorative pillows in warm hues work particularly well in creating this look.

Another essential feature for creating an ideal mid century modern bedroom experience is providing a cozy reading nook. This can take the form of anything from an Eugenie Chaise Lounge or stately Umbria Chair, to simply having seating areas in your bedroom to help create an enjoyable, soothing environment.

At last, houseplants add the natural touch to any mid century modern bedroom. Cheese plants or snake plants provide a splash of color that’s sure to draw eyes in any bedroom, plus they’re easy to care for and purify the air!

8. Add a cozy reading nook

An inviting reading nook is the ideal complement to any mid century modern bedroom. Add soft throws and blankets for extra coziness, or opt for natural-textured rugs as finishing touches. Add decorative shelves for books or decor items.

Framable art prints featuring literary themes like library posters or dictionary art can add flair to your space while showing your enthusiasm for reading. Plus, they’re an inexpensive way to do just that!

An armoire is an elegant storage solution that doubles as an inviting reading nook. Select one in a neutral hue with plenty of storage capacity that complements your room design, or go bold by selecting an armoire with geometric patterns that exudes mid century flair.

9. Add a statement piece of furniture

Make your space stand out with mid century modern bedroom touches by including some eye-catching pieces of furniture in its design. A dresser or armoire could serve as the focus point, while adding a comfy chair could create a relaxing reading nook.

Metal accents are a signature element in mid-century designs, so don’t be shy about adding golden, brass or bronze hues into your room design. Use metal in accessories like sconces or drawer pulls.

Mid-century modern bedrooms understandably emphasize minimalism; so select carefully curated statement pieces to add character. Vintage accessories like alarm clocks, record players or wall art can add authentic character without overwhelming your room; instead let a standout piece draw the eye and elevate its style.

mid century modern bedroom

10. Add a little personality

Kemper recommends choosing wood or metal accessories with clean lines to add an element of personalization and texture to the room. You could try choosing mid century-inspired side tables and vintage clocks like those found here for added mid century modern flair, and adding some texture using woven baskets, natural photo frames, vases or any other means you have available to you. Plant enthusiasts might enjoy adding cheese plants, snake plants or rubber plants into the mix as these hardy varieties suit the design style perfectly.

As with any design scheme, furniture planning is key to creating a harmonious bedroom environment. Balancing storage needs with openness is often challenging; to help with this endeavor, measure the room to determine ideal furniture size and shape before shopping. Many mid-century nightstands and dressers feature sleek lines with tapered peg legs to give the room an airy vibe.

How Can I Incorporate Mid Century Modern Bedroom Style Into a Small Space?

To incorporate mid century modern bedroom style into a small space, focus on clean lines, minimalistic furniture, and a neutral color palette. Use functional storage solutions and add pops of retro flair with decor items like geometric patterns and textured fabrics.

Are There Any Specific Lighting Fixtures That Work Well With Mid Century Modern Bedroom Decor?

When choosing lighting fixtures that complement mid century modern bedroom decor, consider options like sputnik chandeliers, arc floor lamps, and globe pendant lights. These styles often feature sleek lines, geometric shapes, and metallic finishes for a retro-chic vibe.

What Are Some Tips for Mixing Different Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture Styles?

When mixing different mid-century modern bedroom furniture styles, aim for balanced contrast. Blend pieces from various designers for an eclectic look. Keep colors cohesive but experiment with shapes and materials. Layer textures for depth.

How Can I Add a Touch of Luxury to a Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design?

To add a touch of luxury to your mid century modern bedroom, consider incorporating plush fabrics, metallic accents, and statement lighting. Layering textures, adding a statement piece like a velvet chaise lounge, and opting for a lush rug can elevate the sophistication of your bedroom.

Are There Any Unique Storage Solutions That Are Commonly Used in Mid Century Modern Bedrooms?

When looking for unique storage solutions in mid century modern bedrooms, consider utilizing floating shelves, under-bed storage bins, and wall-mounted cabinets. These options help maximize space and keep your room organized while adding a touch of modern flair.


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